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Stomach cancer is not silent, the four symptoms continue to appear, or gastric cancer “finds the door”

The unit where Mr. Li is located organizes employees for medical examinations every year. In this year’s physical examination, he was found to be positive for Helicobacter pylori infection.After consulting the doctor, the doctor told him that he had no obvious symptoms to observe first, and did not have to rush for treatment.

In this regard, Mr. Li felt very puzzled. He went back and checked the information on the Internet. He said on the Internet that he would get gastric cancer sooner or later without treatment without treatment.

So according to the “strongest strategy for cure Helicobacter pylori” on the Internet, I went to the pharmacy to buy four -combined drugs to try to cure the infection of Helicobacter pylori.

As a result, after taking the medicine for a while, Mr. Li suddenly appeared nausea and vomiting when he was eating.This frightened Mr. Li and hurried to the hospital for examination the next day.

The doctor was very helpless about the behavior of Mr. Li’s own medication, and popularized the relevant knowledge with Mr. Li, which made Mr. Li rest assured.

1. Infection of Helicobacter pylori, it will get stomach cancer sooner or later without treatment?

In 1994, the WHO ranked Helicobacter pylori as the first type of carcinogenic origin of gastric cancer, and in the “Kyoto Consensus” for H. Kyoto Cycatitis, the root of the Helicobacter pylori was also used as a first -level prevention measure for gastric cancer.

According to statistics, the world’s gastrointestinal disease organization is conservatively estimated that at least half of the world’s population has H. pylori infection, and my country is a “severe disaster area” for Helicobacter pylori infections. The infection rate is as high as 59%.

In 2021, data released by the international journal “Liuye Knife” shows that Helicobacter pylori infection will increase the risk of non -cardia gastric cancer by 6 times and the risk of cardia gastric cancer will increase by 3

In other words, eradicating Helicobacter pylori can effectively reduce the risk of gastric cancer.

What if the Helicobacter pylori is not treated?In fact, Helicobacter pylori infection is infected with gastric cancer, and the occurrence of gastric cancer also requires genetic and environmental factors.

According to data released by the International Cancer Research Agency, only 47%of patients with gastric cancer in developing countries are caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori infections may only be involved in the remaining patients.

In patients with pylori pylori, only a small part of patients will evolve into gastric cancer.In 2015, the number of gastric cancer deaths reached 500,000, but it also accounted for only 5%of the total number of deaths, which was far from the infection rate of Helicobacter pylori.

The chance of suffering from cancer in my country in China is about 1.8%, which means that most people are safe.

For infected patients, you must pay attention to regular follow -up review everyday, and choose to interfere with the treatment of professional doctors.

Second, gastric cancer is not silent, 4 discomforts should be paid attention to

According to the data released by the Cancer Center in my country, there are about 480,000 new gastric cancer cases each year, and only 20%of patients in the middle are early discovery.Most patients are the progress period when they discover them. The overall 5 -year survival rate is less than 50%. It is critical to find gastric cancer as soon as possible.

1. Anti -acid and heartburn

When the gastric acid reflux to the esophagus, it will cause the esophagus mucosa to be corroded, and then the symptoms of acid reflux will occur. The position of the heartburning heart is generally under the sternum, and it feels that a fire is burning.

2. Change of painful nature changes

Patients with stomach problems may occur in abdominal pain in daily life, but the frequency and pain of symptoms are regular. If the laws of pain and feelings have changed in the near future, they must be vigilant.

3. Decreased weight

What’s more?

When there is cancer cells in the body, it will continue to snatch nutrition with normal cells, and then reduce weight in a short time.In the short term, there is no weight loss in the short term, and the weight loss is over 10%, and the alert is that cancer strikes.

4, black stool

When there is no intake of foods that cause dung black, abnormal black stools need to be vigilant.

The occurrence of gastric cancer has a certain “favored population”, including the age of 45 years old, the infected population of Helicobacter pylori, the history of gastric cancer in the family, the history of gastritis/gastric ulcer/gastric polyps, and improper long -term dietary habits.

For the above groups, the gastric function and serum examination should be performed as soon as possible. After discovering the abnormal indicators, the condition can be clearly determined by gastroscopy and pathological biopsy. It is recommended that high -risk people conduct at least once a year.

Third, do not want to encounter gastric cancer, it is critical to develop 4 habits

Cancer is the main cause of death worldwide. Academician Shen Hongbing, Nanjing Medical University, published a study in the international journal “Cancer Research”.

Study and construct a polynoma risk score of nearly 20 kinds of cancer, define lifestyle as not smoking, drinking, normal body type, regular exercise, and diet model health.

After analysis, it is found that no matter whether men and women, as long as there is a healthy lifestyle, the smaller the risk of cancer.

Those who have 4 to 5 healthy lifestyles are healthy people, 2 to 3 are medium, 0 ~ 1 are unhealthy groups; men and women are unhealthy and unhealthy people have risks of cancer than healthy people, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively.Note.

Therefore, develop the following habits to effectively prevent gastric cancer:

1. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol

Smoking drinking is a risk factor that causes the incidence of gastric cancer. As the amount of smoking and drinking increases, the risk of gastric cancer will gradually increase.Tobacco contains 69 carcinogenic substances, which can enter the blood through the respiratory system, and then cause damage to each organ.Alcohol has long been listed as a type of carcinogen by WHO. Long -term drinking can cause risk of risk of various cancers, including gastric cancer.

2. Control weight

The obese people (especially those with abdomen obese) will cause higher stomach pressure, which will relax the cardia, which can easily induce gastric esophageal reflux. Long-term gastroesophageal reflux can easily cause the esophagus to be damaged-repair continuous circulation, and thenIt is easy to induce genetic mutations and cause cancer.

Men’s waist circumference is recommended to keep below 90cm and women remain below 85cm.

3. Persist in exercise

Exercise can promote the acceleration of metabolism and make the body’s immunity better. It is helpful to prevent a variety of cancers, including gastric cancer.

4. Diet health

Pay attention to the light of diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.Eat less fried, hot, smoked barbecue foods, and high -salt food should be eaten as little as possible.In addition, three meals a day should be kept regular, and each meal is suitable for 7 ~ 8 minutes.

Helicobacter pylori infection is not the only factor that causes gastric cancer. It is also too worried for people who have already infected. You can follow up regularly. At the same time, you must pay attention to maintaining good living habits.

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