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OPC Extra™ contains several natural Anti-Oxidants providing a special
blend of laboratory tested and standardized bioflavanoids and phytonutrients.
The main ingredient, ActiVin™, is the most extensively studied grape
seed extract on the market today. It is a powerful immune builder.

   • Free Radical damage is evident in over 80% of today's degenerative
     diseases and also in viral and bacterial infections.

   • OPC Extra™ and ActiVin™ scavenges the body neutralizing
     excess free radicals, thereby protecting the cells from disease.

   • OPC Extra™ and ActiVin™ greatly strengthens the immune
     system, which is our last line of defense against all sickness and

Each capsules contains:

 ActiVin™ (OPC) - Grape Seed Extract  200 mg
 Betta C™  500 mg
 Hesperidin (OPC)  50 mg
 Bilberry (OPC)  50 mg
 Green Tea (OPC)  50 mg
 Wolfberry (OPC)  50 mg

120 capsules