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Joint-Flex CE

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Joint-Flex™ is the 1st choice for joint pain. Nearly 43 million Americans
have some kind of arthritis. Treatment options include over the counter
pain relievers, prescription drugs and in sever cases, surgery.

The best option is to maintain healthy joints so they don’t become a
problem. That’s where Joint-Flex™ can help. Through research and
many dramatic testimonies, Joint-Flex™ has proven to be the best all
natural supplement for repairing rebuilding joints.

As the body ages, we have a gradual breakdown of the cartilage that
cushions the tips of the bones, Joint-Flex™ is formulated to provide
the body with the necessary “Raw Materials” to repair damaged joints.

6 capsules contains:

 Glucosamine HCL  3000 mg
 M.S.M. (Methysulfonylmethane)  1200 mg
 Meadow Sweet  300 mg
 White Willow Bark  300 mg

The special synergy of Joint-Flex™ is achieved through a blend of
laboratory tested and standardized phytonutrients, and herbs.

120 capsules