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Cell Basics CE

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Cell Basics™ Mega Minerals are chelated and have been clinically proven
to have the highest absorption. They are clinically tested to ensure that
precipitation does not occur under a PH of 10. They will remain soluble in
the small intestine, which has a PH level of 7.2, for maximum absorption.

Cell Basics™ also contains Glucosamine and MSM to promote strong and
healthy bones and joints.

4 capsules contains:

 Calcium (Chelated)  500 mg
 Magnesium (Chelated)  200 mg
 Potassium (Chelated)  100 mg
 Phosphorus (Chelated)  50 mg
 Zinc (Chelated)  10 mg
 Boron (Chelated)  1 mg
 Silicon (Chelated)  20 mcg
 Trace Mineral Complex  50 mg
 Vitamin D  400 IU
 MSM (Methysulfonylmethane)  400 mg
 Glucosamine Sulfate  400 mg

720 capsules