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      Immunx™ webpage

Immunx™ contains five natural OPC's providing a special blend of laboratory
tested and standardized bioflavanoids and phytonutrients.  Immunx™ is also
a complete Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement.

   • Free Radical damage is evident in over 80% of today's degenerative
     diseases and also in viral and bacterial infections.

   • Immunx™ Multi Vitamin and Mineral scavenges the body neutralizing
     excess free radicals, thereby protecting the cells from disease.

   • Immunx™ Multi Vitamin and Mineral greatly strengthens the
     immune system, which is our last line of defense against all sickness
     and disease.

Immunx™ minerals have been clinically proven to have the highest absorption.
They are chelated and clinically tested to ensure that precipitation does not
occur under a PH of 10. They will remain soluble in the small intestine, which
has a PH level of 7.2, for maximum absorption.

4 capsules contain:

 Grape Seed Extract - ActiVin™ (OPC)  200 mg
 Hesperidin (OPC)  50 mg
 Green Tea (OPC)  50 mg
 Bilberry (OPC)  50 mg
 Wolfberry (OPC)  50 mg
 Lutein  5 mg
 Lycopene  5 mg
 Beta Carotene (Vitamin A)  5000 IU
 Vitamin E (natural d-alpha tocopheryl)  400 IU
 Vitamin D  400 IU
 Vitamin C (Betta C)  500 mg
 Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)  5 mg
 Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)  5 mg
 Vitamin B3 (Niacin)  20 mg
 Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)  10 mg
 Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)  400 mcg
 Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)  10 mcg
 Pantothenic Acid  10 mg
 Biotin  50 mcg
 Calcium (Chelated)  250 mg
 Magnesium (Chelated)  100 mg
 Potassium (Chelated)  50 mg
 Iron (Chelated)  5 mg
 Zinc (Chelated)  15 mg
 Copper (Chelated)  2 mg
 Manganese (Chelated)  2 mg
 Boron (Chelated)  1 mg
 Molybdenum (Chelated)  150 mcg
 Chromium (Chelated)  100 mcg
 Selenium (Chelated)  200 mcg
 72 Trace Mineral Complex  50 mg

720 capsules