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Story: The train is here

“Children’s Pictorial” Red Kangaroo’s self -protection story train comes

Red kangaroos, jump frogs, and fire hats, came to the suburbs to play, and saw the rail on the distance.

“I test you, how can I know if the train comes?” The red kangaroo asked.

Jumping frog and said, “Seeing the train running towards you, you know it!”

The fire hat said, “When you hear the train ‘wow’, I know that the train is coming!”

The red kangaroo said, “You don’t have to see the train, you don’t have to hear the train. Lying on the raily, hearing the vibration sound, you know that the train is about to drive! Don’t believe it, let’s try it right away!”

The fire hat was lying on the railroad track, listening, listening, I couldn’t hear it.

Jumping frogs lying on the railroad track, listening, listening, can’t hear.

The red kangaroo lay on the railway, listened, listened, heard.

“咚 咚”, “咚”, as if someone was knocking on the railway.

Red kangaroo, shouted loudly, “Come and listen, there is a train in the distance!”

Jumping frogs and fire hats were lying on the railroad track, listening, listening, hearing.

“Boom”, “Boom Rondon”, as if someone was shaking the railway.

Listen, listen, listen, listen, when they looked up, the train rushed over, like a big monster, with a sound of wind, “Oh, 嗷 嗷 — Three friends, they are scared. . I don’t know if I should stay, or I should run.

Grandpa Elephant saw it, and was so anxious: If the train hit, the three small things would be difficult to protect.

Grandpa Elephant rushed forward, rolled up three friends with a long nose, raised very tall and jumped back.

The train flew over from them, swept through a strong wind, and the grandfather of the elephant almost fell.

Grandpa Elephant rolled up tightly. They were raised in the air, uncomfortable, and focused.

The red kangaroo said, “Let us down, we are so uncomfortable!”

Jumping frog and said, “We don’t want to catch birds in the air!”

The fire hat said, “I will fly, let me go, let me fly, look …”

Grandpa Elephant said: “As long as you promise me, I will not play next to the railroad rails, I will let you down.”

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Three friends said together: “We promised, we are no longer playing next to the railroad rail!”

Grandpa Elephant just put them on the ground, and they ran away all the way, and left the rails from a distance: “It’s too dangerous to play next to the railroad rail, and you will lose your life accidentally!”

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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