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Stroke symptom

There are many symptoms of strokes, depending on the size of the lesion, the part of the disease and the nature of the lesion.

If patients have strokes, they generally include cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, and they are acute onset, and middle -aged and elderly people will occur.The main causes of cerebral hemorrhage include hypertension and cerebral motor tumor. The main causes of cerebral infarction include hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. There can be weak sensory disorders, dizziness balancing disorders, difficulty swallowing, drinking water cough, language, languageDysfunction may occur in mental symptoms, seizures, and conscious disorders, including drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, and may also appear coma and lethargic. Patients can also have symptoms such as headache and dizziness.Stroke is a cerebrovascular accident, commonly known as stroke, which causes blood circulation disorders in the cerebral blood circulation.Stroke is a neurological disease, which has the characteristics of high incidence, high residual rate, high mortality, and high recurrence rate.Strokes are divided into hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes. The treatment methods mainly include 1. Bleeding stroke, including cerebral hemorrhage and subjuildonian cavity hemorrhage. Cerebral bleeding is mainly to control blood pressure. Waiting for blood absorption can be appropriately given.Essence2. Needes of ischemic stroke include acute thrombolysis and arterial throlics. When you reach the hospital in the treatment time window, you can use Antinase for thrombolytic treatment, or the bridge will be treated with arterial thrombosis.After the acute period, the secondary prevention treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular disease is given at the same time.Treatment.

Patients should pay attention to diet, eat less fast food in life, avoid eating fried foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, and supplement vitamins and dietary fiber.2. Persist in medication.Because the recurrence rate of strokes is high, you must not stop or reduce the medicine due to the improvement of the condition. You need to go to the cerebrovascular disease clinic on a regular basis.3. Improve life and rest and should not be overworked. If patients have hemiplegia, they should also reduce their body pressure, turn around, and keep their skin clean and hygienic to avoid bedsores.

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