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Studies have confirmed that “aristolochic acid” can cause liver cancer, and three types of traditional Chinese medicine should be used with caution

“I am an allergic constitution, and I have an allergic reaction to the dialysis. I will abdominal pain in 1-2 hours …”

In the past 15 years, in order to survive, Aunt Zhen has lived like a sentence like a sentence, and all of them have to start with a cup of weight loss tea.When she was young, Aunt Zhen worked in a factory. She was particularly concerned about her figure, so she developed the habit of drinking weight loss tea.After a period of time, after a medical examination, the doctor found that her kidneys had irreversible injuries and had reached the point of uremia.

The culprit caused by Aunt Zhen’s uremia is the weight loss tea she drinks every day. She drinks a kind of Chinese medicine weight loss tea. Others say that Chinese herbal medicines are naturally without side effects, but these diet tea contains a kind of “aristolochic acid”The substances have clear that renal toxicity and carcinogenicity.

After detecting uremia, Aunt Zhen regretted it, and then lost weight loss tea, but the damage caused was irreparable. She could only rely on hemodialysis to maintain her life.

In fact, there are not a few people who have caused kidney disease due to aristolochic acid. The media reported it as “Chinese herbal medicine nephropathy” and “aristolochic acid nephrotic disease”. At the same timecancer.

1. Maspeline has renal toxicity and carcinogenicity.

The aristolin acid is in the genus and Asari plants in Matspentin. It has a long application history in the traditional Chinese medicine field and is widely used in anti -inflammatory agents, anticancer, analgesic and diuretics.However, since the 1990s, the incident of riben acid caused renal failure has been reported.Since then, scholars at home and abroad have fully studied aristolochic acid, and the results have confirmed that aristoline has indeed renal toxicity and carcinogenicity.

1. Renal toxicity:

Short -term intake of high -dose aristoline can directly damage the near -end renal tubular epithelial cells, induce the inflammatory response of renal tissues, cause kidney degeneration and necrosis, and eventually develop into end -end renal disease.

2. Carcinogenicity:

Studies published by Shanghai Jiaotong University Han Zeguang team showed that through mice models, the research team found that the use of aristolochic acid alone can cause liver cancer in mice.Essence

Two or three Chinese medicines have been removed, don’t abuse any more

Because of the seriousness of aristolochic acid hazards, the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” in 2003 canceled the standard of Chinese medicine at the Chinese Medicine, Guangfang Ji and Aoki incense.

1. Guan Mutong

Through the mice experiment, the decoction of the Guanmu Tongsheng and the product was measured, reaching 50.32g · kg -1 and 226.62g · kg -1 , the mouse has acute toxic death, and the death time is mainly distributed within 48-72 hours after medication.

According to Guan Mutong’s human poisoning, after the 1990s, many domestic hospitals have visited a number of adults such as Guanmutong Chinese medicines such as Guanmutong, and even uremia.From 1998 to 2004, Beijing China -Japan Friendship Hospital received more than a hundred patients.

2. Wandering for yourself

The mouse experimented experiment, the measurement of half of the number of deaths was measured to (25.1 ± 6.4) g · kg -1 toxicity of time toxicitymaximum.In the human poisoning incident, widely preventing poisoning is mainly seen in foreign literature reports. There are 100 patients in Belgium in Belgium to mistakenly take the “slim pills” containing Chinese herbal medicine diet pills “slim pills”, which causes characteristic renal fibrosisEssence

3. Aoki Xiang

Through the mice experiment, measurement of Aoki Xiang’s raw product and the water-based water raises, the found that the poisonous dose was 146.45g · kg -1 and 846.06g · kg -1 .

In 1995, a patient listened to the grass doctor to chew the fresh wood incense to treat snake injuries, and then appeared nausea and vomiting. After that, he had less urine, swelling of abdominal distension, and diagnosed with acute renal failure and uremia.

In addition to these three Chinese medicines, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 Chinese medicines and Chinese medicines in the Chinese medicine market in my country, of which the Chinese medicinal materials and Chinese medicines collected by “Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2020 Edition)” are 55 species, so use Chinese medicine, you need to be careful about masaline.

3. Western medicine weight loss pills, don’t abuse it

Losing weight loss is a long -lasting topic. Although weight loss pills are effective, it is not advisable to abuse.Don’t think that traditional Chinese medicine hurts the body, western medicine is not harmful, and abuse is damaged.

1. Xibuquming

Sibuquming was an important raw material for weight loss pills, but it was also a central nervous inhibitor, which could cause side effects such as higher blood pressure and acceleration of heart rate, which caused cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.As early as 2010, the my country Food and Drug Administration has listed Xibuquming as the prohibition of production, sales and use.2. Phenolic tablet

Phenolic tablets, also known as “fruit guide tablets”, are a kind of irritating laxative. In clinical medication, phenolo is used as a prescription medicine and requires strict indications.Phenolic tablets have a strong diarrhea effect, which also leads to some adverse reactions, such as allergic reactions, including dermatitis, itching, burning and enteritis, and bleeding tendency.

Due to the risk of phenolite tablets than benefits, in January 2021, the State Drug Administration issued an announcement saying that the production, sales and use of phenolic slices and phenolite slices in my country were stopped.

Fourth, use Chinese medicine, keep these attention to keep in mind

Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly based on herbal plants. Many people think that side effects are lower than western medicine, but if they do not pay attention to compatibility, they will be more harmful to the body.

1. Take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, stop and stop if you get sick

The clinical research industry has confirmed that the efficacy and toxicity of drugs have time and rhythmic changes. It is necessary to give full play to the effect of drugs.According to the disease and the nature of the drug, follow the doctor’s advice. If the condition improves greatly, the medicinal amount can be appropriately reduced and the drug is gradually stopped.Some traditional Chinese medicines are too long and may occur, which may occur, which is harmful to the human body.

2. Do not use Chinese medicine and western medicine at will

Some people think that the mix of Chinese and Western medicine can generate the effect of 1+1> 2.In fact, some ingredients may be offset between Chinese medicine and western medicine, affecting the effectiveness of the efficacy.If Chinese medicine and western medicine are taken at the same time, it should be interval for 1 to 2 hours to avoid drug interaction.

3. Buy qualified Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese medicine that is contaminated or deteriorated will cause harmful reactions. If it is counterfeit and shoddy, it can directly cause harmful reactions. Therefore, when buying Chinese medicinal materials, it is recommended to choose a regular pharmacy and buy a small amount.effect.

Modern people’s health care concepts are enhanced. I usually try to take some health recipes when I see some healthy recipes, but Chinese medicine drinking tablets also need to choose according to their physical fitness, age difference and physical differences, which may cause toxic and side effects. ThereforeIt is recommended to follow the doctor’s advice and take it right.

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