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Studies have found that people with large abdomen have nothing to do with longevity!Do three things well and lose weight for your stomach

Mr. Liu usually likes drinking, and basically drinks a lot of wine every meal. Although his family has been advised, he does not listen, so he went with him.



Two months ago, Mr. Liu had symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain. Originally thought it was caused by eating bad things. I did n’t have a long time since I thought about it. Later, there were symptoms such as thinning and liver area pain.Essence

A check turned out to be liver cancer!Doctors analyze Mr. Liu’s liver cancer related to long -term alcoholism.

1. People with a large belly, or have no chance of longevity

Why do some people look thin limbs and their weight is ideal, but their stomachs are large?

People with thin limbs but big belly are generally caused by excessive visceral fat, and they are also called “abdominal obesity”.

According to data from the “British Cancer Research Center”, excessive visceral fat may increase the risk of 11 kinds of cancer, which may not have longevity.

The pressure of the large belly of the abdominal type will continue to increase the pressure of internal organs, causing various health problems such as heart hypertrophy, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, etc., and may also increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke.

Second, 4 discomfort appears in the abdomen, maybe cancer comes

Some symptoms of the abdomen are easily ignored and even treated as ordinary diseases, but in fact, some symptoms of abdominal discomfort are likely to be a signal for cancer.

1. Abdominal distension of unknown reasons

The symptoms of abdominal distension occurred in good end. Be careful that abdominal tumors are dying, such as gastric cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. can cause symptoms of abdominal distension.

2. Abdominal pain

Many patients with colon cancer will have abnormal abnormal abdominal pain symptoms with the growth of the tumor, especially the persistent abdominal pain. We must be alert to the signal of bowel cancer.

3. Abdominal lump

Cancer cells in the body are continuously growing, and when they invade the entire layer of the intestinal wall, adhesion to the nearby organs, which may produce abdominal masses. Most of the abdominal lumps are caused by tumor growth.

4, diarrhea

If the symptoms of diarrhea are recurrent, if the treatment does not improve, be careful that the cancer cells are caused by the metastasis of the intestinal tract.

If these discomfort symptoms appear above, you must pay attention to it. As soon as possible, you are likely to be cancer!

3. Persist in three things daily and “lose weight” for the abdomen

Sitting for a long time or improper diet will cause many people to become fatter and become fat and obese people.

1. Appropriate exercise

If you want to reduce the excess flesh of the abdomen, it is recommended that you practice sit -ups and hula circles every day. It is best to move step by step, exercise more than three times a week, and persist.

2. Persist in running

Running is a exercise that can exercise the whole body. It is best to persist in running in the morning and night to re -assign fat, reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and reduce the flesh on the stomach.

3. Change your dietary habits

In addition to exercise and exercise, it is also important to change eating habits. It is necessary to combine with vegetarian vegetarian food, but also ensure that nutritional balance is comprehensive and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.Do not sleep immediately after meals, so as not to cause abdominal fat accumulation.

Once there is cancer in the body, there may also be some discomfort in the abdomen, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, abdominal distension, abdominal mass, etc., which may be the help signal from cancer. It must be paid attention and active treatment.

People with obese obese faces a lot of health risks. They must use exercise and change of eating habits as soon as possible to reduce the flesh of the abdomen.

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