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Studies have found that the risk of women’s uterine cancer may increase frequently

Many people like to change their styles every other time, dyeing, perm, straightening, softening …. It is the so -called “changing hairstyle and changing mood”. But do you really know the health risk behind this?

The latest research pointed out that the risk of women’s uterine cancer may increase.

Studies have found that the risk of women's uterine cancer may increase frequently

1. Use chemical direct hair, risk of uterine cancer or risk of uterine cancer

On October 17 this year, a new study published in the “National Institute of Cancer”. Through a 10.9 -year follow -up survey, a total of 378 participants confirmed to have uterine cancer.

Researchers have found that after the use of chemical straight hair, the risk of uterine cancer is related to the risk of uterine cancer. Especially the more frequent the use of straight hair, the higher the risk of cancer.

· If direct hairpins are used, the risk of uterine cancer is 155%higher than those who do not use straight hair agents;

· If the number of directors does not exceed 4 times, the risk will be 20%higher.

This may be related to the bisphenol A, hydroxythezzzzolate, formaldehyde, metal and other chemical ingredients in straight hair. And the scalp damage brought by a straight hair can also play a role in promoting.

Studies have found that the risk of women's uterine cancer may increase frequently

As early as 2019, there were also related studies that direct -dyeing agents were harmful to the human body.

This research comes from the National Institute of Environmental Health. Researchers have found that women who regularly use permanent hair dyes and chemical direct hair within one year may suffer from breast cancer, which may be higher than that of hair dye.

Studies have found that the risk of women's uterine cancer may increase frequently

Second, hair dye is also dangerous

Walking on the street, you can see a lot of hair that has been dyed, and green and pink are also common, but this beauty may coexist with harm. Do you know?

Modern hair dye is mainly divided into direct semi -permanent hair dye, oxidized permanent hair dye, and natural hair dye. Among these hair dye, the most damage to hair is oxidized permanent hair dye.

The hair dye contains aromatic amine compounds such as amino pyrene, pistiline, and 2-pyrine. In vitro experiments, the harmfulness of these substances is clear. Although the lack of human or animal experiments has confirmed whether it is carcinogenic, international cancer research institutions have classified the dyes used by individuals into the category of 3 types of carcinogens.

Studies have found that the risk of women's uterine cancer may increase frequently

There are many studies to explore the relationship between hair dye and cancer.

Published in the “British Medical Magazine”, which mainly explores the relationship between the use of permanent hair dye and the risk of cancer and the risk of death. The final result shows that after the use of permanent hair dyes, it is not correlated to most cancer onset and risk of death, but it will cause the incidence of some breast cancer, certain base cell cancer, and ovarian cancer.

For the male group, researchers at the National Institute of Cancer Institute of Cancer have conducted a 28 -year investigation of 28,795 men in Finland, and found that men who use permanent hair dye to suffer from prostate The risk of cancer will be 77%higher.

Hair dye is carcinogenic. In addition, the hidden danger of hair dye is that the benzene compounds in the hair dye can penetrate the scalp, which may cause the scalp to dry and break, cause hair loss problems, and the benzene in the hair dyeing agent in the hair dyeing agent Diimine is also likely to cause skin allergies.

If you want a lighter color, most of the operation is indispensable. The oxidation capacity of the coloring agent used in bleeding color is very strong. The longer the bleaching time, the more stimulus damage brings, and the risk of hair loss and allergies will increase.


Studies have found that the risk of women's uterine cancer may increase frequently

Third, want to be safe to dye hair, listen to these suggestions first

Many people may be panicked when they see the above studies, but in fact, more research needs to be found in the mechanism of carcinogenic dye.

For most people, like dyeing hair two or three times a year, don’t worry too much about carcinogenic, mainly because frequent hair dyeing.

The choice of hair dye also actually has strict regulations. Among the 75 medium dyeing agents that are currently allowed to be used, the concentration should be between 0.05%and 4%. The following 5 things:

1. Do not synchronize the dyeing and perm. Poinity needs to be used during perm. It contains oxygen and alkaline substances. It is easy to destroy the scalp environment and damage the hair. If you continue to dye your hair at this time, the damage causes is undoubtedly more serious.

2. In order to avoid allergies, allergies should be received before using hair dye, that is, apply a small amount of hair dyeing agent on the inside of the ear back or arms and observe 72h. No allergies can be used.

3. It is not advisable to wash your hair two days before dyeing, because the oil secreted by the scalp when you do not wash your hair can not only protect the scalp from damage to the dyeing agent, but also make the color more full.

4. To choose a qualified hair dye, it is best to pack the approval of “National Makeup”, especially before the hair dyeing of the barber shop, you must also carefully check the packaging of the hair dye. At the same time Advanced, just gimmick.

5. Hair dyeing is not suitable for everyone, such as scalp or skin allergies, elderly people, pregnant women, children, patients with liver injury, and patients with skin lesions. It is best not to dye your hair.


Studies have found that the risk of women's uterine cancer may increase frequently

Not only are young people who love hair dyeing, but also the elderly groups are particularly keen to dye black hair. People who love beauty have it. Hair dyeing is also possible.Harm to the body.Reference materials:

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