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Studies have found that there are 56 gender!How to judge which one is?Self -test

“Where do I come from?”

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This is a philosophical issue and a question about the origin of human beings.

In Africa, people think that the founder Joao created humans; in the southern hemisphere, Australians believed that Pounder in mythology “pinched” humans, which is the same as the legend of China’s “son -in -law” legend. Essence

In the story of the Bible, God created Adam and used Adam’s ribs to create Eve. The two were expelled to the ground by God because of stealing food forbidden fruits and became the ancestors of human beings.

Of course, the above is the legendary story. Now people are more willing to believe in science, and the “origin of human beings” has also been continuously studied, explored and verified by scholars and scientists.

Have you ever been curious where human beings came from? Who is the first woman in the world?

1. How did humans come from?

At present, the more recognized statement is “the theory of origin in Africa.” 200,000 to 250,000 years ago, the earliest in the world appeared in eastern Africa. These Homo sapiens migrated to all parts of the world, eliminated local races, and eventually formed different races on Asia -Europe and Africa.

“Eve theory” is based on the “African Origin theory”.

Through research on mitochondria (only through the genetic genetic) of people around the world, some scientists believe that all kinds of people on the earth are actually descendants of a African woman 200,000 years ago. “It is the” first human woman “that can be traced back. Eve’s descendants gradually left Africa, spread to Asia and Europe, and gradually replaced the local early early premises as the number of people expanded.

In Africa, scientists constantly discovered early human fossils, filling the history of human evolution, and also confirmed the “African Origin theory” and “Eve theory”.

From this point of view, the “Eve theory” seems to be well -founded and it is difficult to refute, but many scholars have disagreed. But if you want to overthrow the “Eve theory”, you must come up with more reliable fossil data for support.

In 1958, archeologists discovered fossils that could become the key theory in Liujiang County, Guangxi, China, and named this complete human bone fossil as “Liujiang people”. In 2002, the researchers found that the fossils found that the “Liujiang people” lived in South China, China, which was about 70,000 to 130,000 years ago. It was by far the earliest advanced incense fossil discovered by China and even East Asia.

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Some scholars have shown that the ancient human fossils discovered in China can prove that the evolution of the Chinese has evolved in these 2 million years since Wushan’s fossils. In other words, the saying that “ancient Chinese people are replaced by Africans” are not established. Professor Huang Xiewen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences believes that the results of genetic research to speculate on the process of human evolution are actually indirect methods, and the evidence from fossils is the most direct.

At present, the origin of human beings still has no exact conclusion. It is necessary to obtain fossils, stone artifacts, etc., to calculate the most real origin theory.

2. When did “gender” appear?

In addition to the origin of human beings, gender origin is also full of curiosity.

Human beings have developed a biological body that has only evolved in life, and gender differentiation is much earlier than the appearance of humans. Today, gender judgments in biology mainly depend on sex chromosomes, that is, XY is male, and XX is female.

The earliest creatures did not have gender. It was just a short -lived cell, but in order to continue the genes, they developed a unique role, that is, using the surrounding material to copy themselves, from one change two, two changes four … … This is a form of an exponential type.

In this process, the cells will mutate DNA to ensure that they can adapt to the environment and live. However, under natural conditions, the speed of cell mutation is too slow, and it takes 3000 generations to complete 50%of DNA changes.

In order to accelerate the changes of DNA and the benefits of different individuals in different individuals, gender reproduction was born. In this way, only 50%of genetic changes can be completed in the first generation. The breeding speed is accelerated, the types of offspring are more, the biodiversity is increased, and the changes in the environment can be better against the environment.

3. In fact, there are more than 2 kinds of gender

In addition to reproduction, “sex” is also one of the basic self -identity of human beings, that is, social gender. Social gender and biological gender are different. The former depends on human consciousness, and the latter is determined by chromosome, so it cannot be briefly summarized by “men, women, and other”.

Take a step back, even if it is a physiological gender, 25 million people in the world are not men or women in traditional definition.

In more than ten years of gender research, 56 kinds of non -traditional genders have been produced. These genders do not reprimand and may partially overlap, but they all have its own significance, such as gender, gender, smooth sex, cross -sex, etc. Wait.

Many people do not understand, isn’t it more than that? In fact, it is not. With the continuous development of social civilization, our definition of gender should meet the unity of dual standards of physiological psychology. After all, people are “social people”, not simple “physiological people”.

So, what is your gender? May wish to test:

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