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Su suction cigarettes can cause bronchitis

Everyone smokes harmful and healthy, and knows that the harm of second -hand smoke is not small, but do you know that sucking second -hand cigarettes can lead to the emergence of bronchitis. What’s going on? Let’s take a look at the specific reasons together.

In the environment of second -hand cigarettes in the office, there is not much difference from smokers, mainly leading to asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, hypertension, heart disease and reproductive dysplasia.

Inhale second -hand smoke respiratory tract injury

“The most common inhaling second -hand smoke is of course respiratory disease.” Experts said that many office buildings now have central air conditioners. The office is a closed environment. , I can smell the smell of smoke on my body for a long time. “

In the environment of second -hand cigarettes in the office, there is not much difference from smokers, mainly leading to asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, hypertension, heart disease and reproductive dysplasia. Like a smoker, passive smokers may also be infected with mental illness: nicotine dependence. At present, this spiritual symptoms have been listed as research objects by international medical and health personnel.

Second -hand cigarettes in the office are particularly harmful to pregnant women. Pregnant women in the smoke environment will have their own resistance to decline, it is more likely to have colds, headaches, and even cancer; pregnant women who are in the smoking environment every day, their abortion rate is 1 times higher than that of pregnant women who do not smoke. It is also easy to lead to dysplasia of the fetus. Therefore, the office family should raise awareness of smoking, which is also a manifestation of others.

Dietary regulation of acute bronchitis

(1) Life conditioning

① Avoid eating spicy and irritating foods. It should not be too sour and too salty. Those with a history of allergies should not eat sea fishy hair products and allergic foods.

② Keep the air in the living room fresh, avoid smoke to quit alcohol, and avoid stimulation of physical and chemical factors such as smoke, odor, and oil fume. Prevent colds, strengthen cold resistance exercises, pay attention to moderate work and rest, and exercise appropriately to enhance your physique.

③ If you often sweat, you can take it to the jade screen when necessary.

(2) Diet conditioning

The food should be light, given food that is rich and easy to digest and absorb, and eats regularly, has restraint, eat less meals, avoids violent drinking, avoid foods that are cold, cold, fatty and spicy and hot.

Acute bronchitis can be divided into three types: wind cold, wind heat, and hot heat. Selecting medicated diet according to the diet can receive good results.

Sweet almond porridge paste

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This prescription comes from the ancient “Heart Mirror”. Its group is 15g of almonds, peeled tip, water -based juice, add 50g of white rice, and cook porridge. Or the almond and rice are jointly developed into powder. In the process of researching, small amounts of water are added. When boiling, add people for white sugar, that is, it becomes an almond paste, which is the same as above.

Press: Sweet almond flavor is sweet and flat, functional moisturizing lungs, asthma, spleen and stomach, and intestinal laxative. It can also be scattered in cold wind, almonds contain fat, protein, amino acids, and trace perchylinoside. Its moisturizing and asthma effect is related to bitter almondin. The rice is sweet and flat, it can benefit the spleen and stomach, and it can also cure the heat and hurt the stomach yin. Looking at the prescription, it is quite suitable for wind -cold bronchitis, especially those with chest tightness, asthma or constipation. Yin deficiency cough, thin stools are not taken.

Wind and cold bronchitis is caused by the cold and cold offenders. After the cold, it can still have mild heating and fear of cold, headache nasal congestion, new cough, thin sputum, thin white tongue coating, and tight pulse. The medicated diet should be based on evacuation wind and cold and cough. In addition to the recipe, you can also use green onion soup, ginger sugar drink, and white porridge.

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