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Sugar friends have noticed that the acute complications of these three diabetes are dangerous and cannot be despised!

Recently, Uncle Liu was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment because of hypoglycemia.

After waking up, Uncle Liu couldn’t figure out that he was a “old diabetes” patient. He had taken medicine for 10 years. Incidents.

“On the day of fainting, it was my mother spending 80 birthdays. Such an important day naturally need to eat a good dinner. I think it would be inevitable to eat a meal later. About 2 hours after taking the medicine, because there were many relatives and friends that day, some people came toast from time to time. I didn’t eat a few sips of wine but drank a lot. It didn’t take long for a long time to feel dizzy. I was in the hospital, “said Uncle Liu.

In this regard, the doctor explained in detail: “You will faint two main reasons. One is that you do not take carbohydrates in time after taking hypoglycemic drugs; the other is that ingesting alcohol will affect the function of the liver conversion. As a result, blood glucose is too low. Under the common effect of two factors, severe hypoglycemia occurs and fainted into the hospital. “

Fortunately, Uncle Liu was sent to the hospital in a timely manner. After treatment, he has recovered and discharged.

For diabetic patients, you need to monitor blood sugar closely in life to avoid some acute complications threatening life safety.

Common acute complications, there are three main types

1. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is one of the very common complications in patients with diabetes. Excessive dosage and excessive insulin injection can cause hypoglycemia. In addition, like Uncle Liu above, it is easy to induce hypoglycemia for a long time after taking the medicine or drinking a lot of alcohol.

Once diabetic patients have hypoglycemia, there will be abnormal manifestations such as panic, palpitations, and cold sweat, which will directly cause the patient’s coma. If the patient does not intervene for more than 6 hours, it may cause patients to become a vegetative and endanger life safety.

For diabetic patients, if you want to prevent hypoglycemia, you need to strictly control the intake of hypoglycemic drugs and insulin, and do not increase the amount of medication at will.

Secondly, it is recommended to bring some carbohydrate foods with you daily. If you can’t eat it in time after taking the medicine, you can eat these foods for emergency.

It is also very important. Patients with diabetes must avoid drinking as much as possible, especially in an empty stomach, which can easily cause hypoglycemia.

2. High perception and coma

This complications will mostly occur in elderly patients. Under the influence of factors such as infection, high sugar intake, and drugs, elderly patients lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar, sodium sodium, and plasma osmotic pressure. For the elderly who appear high -lying coma, blood sugar often reaches 33.3 mmol/L.

Once a high seepage coma occurs, it is very dangerous. Patients will cause dehydration, severe hyperglycemia and other symptoms, and some patients will also have conscious disorders. If there is no timely hydrating and hypoglycemic treatment, the mortality rate is very high. Hyperitic coma is the highest mortality in the complications of diabetes.

To prevent this complication, patients need to strictly control drug intake daily, and closely monitor blood sugar. And regularly go to the hospital to check whether there are abnormalities such as potassium ions, sodium ions, chloride ions, and urea nitrogen other than blood sugar. Once abnormal indicators are found, they should intervene in time.

When discovering abnormal manifestations such as dehydration and consciousness, it is also necessary to be admitted to the hospital in time.

3. keto acid poisoning

Patients with diabetes are very common, and they have about 80 % of all complications. The causes of keto acid poisoning include serious lack of insulin, mental stimulation, improper diet, and acute infection.

After keto acid poisoning, patients will have a significantly aggravated performance of “three more” (more than one or less “(drinking, more urine, more food, and weight loss), and the whole person is very irritable, as well as loss of appetite, mental deficiency, and breathing belt Symptoms of rotten apples.

The continuous development of the disease can lead to symptoms such as coma, dehydration, eye depression, and decreased blood pressure in patients, which can endanger life in severe cases.

Prevention is particularly important for ingotic acid poisoning. Patients need to strictly control sugar in their daily life. When they have infections and other diseases, they need to seek medical treatment in time. When you find that there are abnormal performance, do not drag, seek medical treatment immediately.

Many times, it is not diabetes itself that threatens diabetic patients, but a series of complications caused by diabetes. Although chronic complications are slower, they also have a huge threat to health.


Diabetes complications are the culprit! 3 major chronic complications also attract attention

Big blood vessel complications:

Diabetes patients have high risk of complications in large vascular complications, and are common in lower limb vascular lesions, cerebral arteriosciser, and cardiovascular lesions. Among them, the risk of cardiovascular disease will be 2 to 3 times higher than ordinary people, and more common ones include coronary heart disease, heart failure, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction.

If patients with diabetes have been improperly controlled for a long time, the risk of arteriosclerosis will rise sharply, which will cause blood circulation in the body to be affected, and the risk of cardiovascular disease will rise accordingly.

To prevent complications of large blood vessels, in addition to strictly controlling the blood glucose meter in daily life, patients also need to do regular blood lipids and imaging examinations. In this way, the vascular lesions in the body can be discovered in time. Vascular disease. Microvascular complications:

Long -term control of blood glucose will also cause lesions in microvascular internal microvascular, which will cause abnormal manifestations such as deformities and knots of microvascular morphology, and even evolving to form hemangioma.

In addition, it may induce retinal lesions. Compared with corneal abnormalities, irisitis, glaucoma and other eye lesions, these diseases are important incentives for blindness.

The reason why these complications occur are due to the long -term high blood sugar of diabetic patients, which causes damage to capillary blood vessels, and then cause small hemangioma formation, etc., and eventually evolves into eye diseases.

For patients with diabetes, it is necessary to conduct regular eye examinations in life to check whether there are abnormal lesions in the bottom of the eye in time, and take treatment measures. It is not just to control blood sugar, and it is equally important to check the bottom of the eyes.


Patients with diabetes may also cause nerve injury, including foot nerve injury, motor nerve injury, and autonomic nerve injury.

Once these injuries occur, the patient’s daily life will be seriously affected, and abnormal symptoms such as weakness, falling, sweating, and arrhythmia occur in the lower limbs.

In addition to the above diseases, diabetic patients may also have diabetic nephropathy, oral diseases, diabetic osteopathy, etc. These diseases also pose a serious threat to patients’ physical health.

For diabetic patients, you must strictly control blood sugar in your daily life, but you must not only rely on taking medicine. In addition to taking medicine, you must also maintain healthy living habits and eating habits, and regular physical examination.

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