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Sugar friend’s Mid -Autumn Festival “robbery”?Keep in mind these 6 points, eating moon cakes can also stabilize blood sugar!

The “robbery” of the Mid -Autumn Festival of “Sugar Friends” is approaching. Many diabetic patients will continue to rise rapidly and continue to rise rapidly before and after the Mid -Autumn Festival, because they eat too much moon cake. When I asked the reason, most of them were: “It’s the festival, I can’t control my mouth.” “Mid -Autumn Festival, I ate a few more moon cakes.”

So can diabetic patients eat moon cakes? How to eat moon cakes is safe?

1. Can diabetic patients eat moon cakes?

Under normal circumstances, diabetic patients should eat less moon cakes as possible, because moon cakes can seriously affect the blood glucose level of diabetic patients, and even cause a variety of complications, which seriously affects health.

There are many businesses on the market under the production of sugar -free moon cakes, but flour will be used during the production process of moon cakes. Among them, carbohydrate compounds are relatively high. Over time, it will also cause blood glucose unstable.

Some moon cake packaging is marked without sucrose, but in fact, this is a trap, because it does not contain sucrose, but contains fructose, and some hidden fructose is invisible. The amount of moon cakes.

Second, sugar friends want to eat moon cakes, keep in mind these 6 points to stabilize blood sugar!

1. Choose the right moon cake type

The most common moon cakes on the market are Beijing, Soviet, and Cantonese. High, compared with various skin fillings, the Soviet -style moon cakes are relatively healthy.

According to your own physical condition, choosing a moon cake that suits you can help control the blood glucose level in the body. Of course, do not take too much in one -time, otherwise it will easily affect health.

2. Tast it

If you eat too many monthly cakes at one time, it is likely to cause blood sugar in the body to be unstable, and it is easier to increase the risk of complications such as diabetes and seriously affect health. I hope everyone must treat it rationally.

It is recommended not to eat a whole time, it is best to eat 1/4 to 1/2, and eat at most one day, which will not have a great impact on blood sugar.

3. Balanced diet

If you eat moon cakes, you must reduce the control of other staple food. The total energy intake does not exceed the standard. Remember to eat more coarse grains and fruits.

4. With tea drink

With tea drinks, it can help promote metabolism and reduce fat residues. It is more ideal for controlling blood sugar.

5. Test blood glucose after eating

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After eating moon cakes, patients with diabetes must measure blood sugar in time. If the fluctuation range is large, it is best to seek medical treatment immediately, and control other high -calorie food intake.

6. Try to choose to eat during the day

Eating too much moon cake at night can easily increase the burden on the body’s metabolism, which is not conducive to blood sugar control. Therefore, try to choose a relatively large amount of activity during the day, which can help the body to promote fat consumption.

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