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Summer babies are prone to long -sisters, and 3 things should be done well for care

The weather is hot in summer, and if you don’t pay attention to the baby, you will grow up the sister -in -law, especially the fat baby. How to care for the baby in the summer? Let’s take a look together.

Why do babies grow in summer?


Summer is the most prone season for babies. The main reason is that the weather is hot and humid in air. In addition, because the baby’s sweat glands and body temperature regulation center have not been fully developed, once the sweat is excreted smoothly, too much sweat will prevent the small sweat glands be closed, and the baby is prone to long -sized dumplings.

How should the baby grow up?

If the sister -in -law on the baby disappears as soon as possible, parents need to achieve the following three steps.

1. Heatheat

Many mothers find that they will apply tweezers or dew in their children. In fact, the vast majority of tweezers do not need special treatment. As long as the child’s excess heat is volatilized, the mule will disappear automatically.

2. Keep your skin dry


Another reason for the baby’s body, another reason is that after sweating on them, sweat did not wipe off in time. Therefore, parents must wear loose and comfortable clothes for their children in the summer. Lose.

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3. Supplementary moisture

After the child appears on the child, it is necessary to replenish the body enough water and sufficient water. The metabolism ability in the baby’s body will be enhanced, so that the baby’s body can be discharged in time without fear of the interference of the mules. In addition, you should also pay attention not to give your child irritating food, and you can eat some food to remove the fire.

The three steps of care after the baby’s long -time sister -in -law have been introduced in the above article very clearly. I hope that the mothers can take the above measures to deal with them in time. Disappearing, children feel a lot more comfortable.

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