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Summer blood pressure stable?The incidence of cardiovascular disease in Small Smart

Generally, everyone thinks that the incidence of patients with cardiovascular disease in summer is low, but from the perspective of epidemiological surveys in recent years, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, and even sudden death, but the incidence in midsummer is high.

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Suspended blood pressure without controlling blood pressure

Many old sick friends with hypertension and coronary heart disease are very “experienced” and found that the blood pressure in summer is relatively stable. Therefore, many of them will stop the medicine without authorization. This is very wrong.

Blood pressure fluctuates every day. It may be stable when you measure, but blood pressure may rise at any time. The blood pressure is not controlled after stopping the antihypertensive drug, which is very dangerous for patients with hypertension.

You know, taking antihypertensive drugs can not only reduce blood voltage, but also resist an atherosclerosis, but also have great benefits to preventing abnormal blood pressure fluctuations.

Some people are eating light in the summer, and they feel that they do n’t need to take fat regulation. They stopped his diced drugs without authorization. This is also very wrong.

Hu Shiyun, chief physician of cardiovascular disease specialist in Guangdong Province, said that for people with coronary heart disease, antihypertensive drugs and liposcolic drugs are necessary and the cornerstone of coronary heart disease treatment. What does the cornerstone mean? It is necessary to use it, and for life.

The amount of medication can be reduced but allowed by the doctor

In the summer, some patients found that their blood pressure was well controlled, and they were “ecstatic”. They automatically reduced the amount of medication and saved money and trouble. This is also a big misunderstanding.

Director Hu Shiyun said that some patients with hypertension can reduce the amount of medication, but under the guidance of a doctor, “Generally speaking, blood vessels with blood pressure in winter will be high, and blood vessels can relax blood pressure in summer. Yes, but it must not be completely stopped. “

He often encountered such patients in outpatient clinics. Is not conducive to blood pressure control. “

High blood pressure in summer and night must be vigilant

Patients with coronary heart disease need intervention in lifestyle. In the eyes of Chinese medicine, it is “bitter summer” in Chinese medicine. People will be more anxious and impatient in summer. On the surface, blood pressure is declining, but some people will be high at certain nodes.

“One theory is like this. The blood pressure on the summer night is generally higher than usual. Regarding this theory, I also reported specifically at a conference. Many experts questioned this view, but this was verified by relevant research data.”

Why is this so? Because many people stay in the air -conditioned room at night in summer, and the temperature is very low.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that air -conditioning style is “artificial thief wind”. The temperature is too low to shrink blood vessels and increase blood pressure. At the same time, modern people often stay up late, overnight, and often suffer from insomnia due to anxiety. Poor sleep quality and insomnia can easily lead to increased blood pressure and easily cause angina pectoris.

Often, the blood pressure of air -conditioned houses has also risen

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in spring and summer, we must raise yang. But in the summer, many people, especially children, like to drink cold drinks, eat ice cream, popsicles, etc., and always stay in the air -conditioned room. This is a very bad habit. The elderly may also live such a life, especially in the very hot south. It will not sweat in the air -conditioned room in the summer. It is very cool, but without sweating can cause many wastes to accumulate in the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the three methods of “sweat, vomiting, and diarrhea”, which can discharge waste in the body. If it is not discharged, many toxins will accumulate. High blood lipids, high uric acid, and high blood sugar are caused by metabolism in the body, causing excessive deposits of metabolic products.

In addition, staying in the air -conditioned room often causes the human body to be overwhelmed, which will cause disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the introduction of the cold master and the stagnation of the cold master will cause the accumulation of phlegm, wetness, and stasis in the body, causing blood circulation. The stagnation of the cold master can also cause blood vessels to shrink, causing angina pectoris and coronary heart disease.

Therefore, even if the summer is very hot, try to stay in the air -conditioned room as little as possible. In the evening and night, you can take a walk outdoors and cool, and rely on the natural environment to cool down and cool.

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