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Suspected sexual dysfunction requires three major examinations

Many male patients now have difficulty saying. If there are diseases such as sexual dysfunction, they often manifest as sexual desire disorder, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, no ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, etc., but do not know what to do? Experts said that when these symptoms have these symptoms, they should go to a regular hospital for timely inspection. So what examinations are needed to see sexual dysfunction?

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1. Laboratory inspection

The examination of sexual dysfunction can be checked first in the laboratory. The specific examination matters include determining plasma testosterone, estradiol, prolactin hormone, luteal hormone, foam hormone, and thyroidine and blood sugar. If plasma luteum hormone increases and the mask decreases, the lesions are in the testicles; such as plasma luteum hormone and testosterone decrease, the increased prolactin hormone is increased, and the lesions are under the hypothalamus; Hypertrophy is related to. When there is a reproductive tract inflammation, a prostate liquid mirror can be performed.

Second, nervous system examination and other

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Secondly, the examination of sexual dysfunction also requires patients to check their nervous system examinations, such as checking the sensation or perineal area sensation or reflection. Measure the inside pressure, the cotton body muscle reflection, and the erection of the penis at night.

Third, physical examination

The project of the final sexual dysfunction also needs to look at the patient’s physical fitness. This physical examination is mainly to see the development of the second sexual characteristics of the patient; check whether the external genitalia is abnormal, trauma, the size, texture, and deformed deformation. When there is inflammation of reproductive tract, rectal tests should be performed to check the size of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Tenderness and tenderness.

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