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Symptoms and treatment methods of acute bronchitis in children

Symptoms of acute bronchitis in children generally include fever and cough. The treatment method is to take anticidal and symptomatic treatment.1. Symptoms: Acute bronchitis is usually acute, with mild symptoms and fever.At first, it was dry cough or a small amount of mucus sputum, then the amount of sputum increased, the cough was intensified, and sometimes it was accompanied by blood with blood in sputum.Symptoms of cough and sputum can last for 2 to 3 weeks, and the lungs can be heard and scattered in wet and wet.2. Treatment method: Treatment mainly takes anti -infection and symptomatic treatment.When there are signs of infection, anti -infective drugs are needed.Newly -choice of new macrolactone, or cephalosporins such as Azithromycin, craticin, erythromycin.Symptoms are mainly cough and phlegm.It is recommended to pay attention to rest, supplement a large amount of vitamin C, and drink plenty of water.

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