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Symptoms and treatment methods of children’s bronchitis

Symptoms of children’s bronchitis include persistent dry cough and cough in dyspnea, etc., and can be treated by drug treatment and conservative treatment.

1. Drug treatment: stop asthma.When the asthma is used, the bronchial dilatant can be inhaled inhaled.Balance of water and electrolytes.Try to take oral fluids many times to supplement the moisture loss when breathing.If it is insufficient, you can take intravenous injection to supplement the liquid.In the case of metabolic acid poisoning, intravenous sodium bicarbonate can be infused.2. Conservative treatment: It is extremely important to promote sputum discharge and increase humidity in the air.Usually an indoor humidifier can be used.To correct the severe asthma caused by hypoxia, we must first raise the head and chest to reduce the difficulty of breathing.Keep the respiratory tract open.For respiratory acid poisoning, it should be used to absorb sputum to keep the respiratory tract open.The above drugs need to be used under the guidance of a doctor.

It is recommended to avoid eating too much spicy and irritating food, and arrange diet reasonably.

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