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Symptoms and treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease

The symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease mainly include abdominal tenderness, dysfunction, dysmenorrhea, etc., which can generally perform drug treatment and surgical treatment.

1. Symptoms: There are many symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease.Obvious lower abdomen pain may also cause yellow, brown or green secretions.Some people may also have obvious symptoms, such as vaginal bleeding, leucorrhea abnormalities, fever and dysmenorrhea.2. Treatment: If pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, broad -spectrum antibiotic therapy can be used under the guidance of a doctor, such as Cefacoma and amoxicillin.At the same time, if the situation is severe and obvious pelvic abscess or scar tissue may require surgery.

Pay attention to hygiene, pay attention to cleaning, and keep the genitals dry and clean. Usually, you should also pay attention not to overwork. Be careful not to eat some particularly stimulating foods in diet.

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