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After smoking 200 cigarettes, the lungs will become, what?I was so scared to quickly throw the cigarette in my hand

Recently, an experiment that simulated smoking has been hot in the circle of friends. The experimental team took a piece of fresh pork lung and 200 cigarettes ...

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15 -year -old smoking, 40 -year -old lung cancer!Old smokers read: 21 times, but all failed all

"cough!" .hzh {display: none;} "Kekeke ~"He feels The lung seems to be fried Breathe each time There will be a hidden pain for a whileWhat is ...

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A pack of cigarettes a day, survive the living god?Nature sub -magazine: heavy smokers, instead easily suffer from lung cancer?

Lung cancer is the first cause of global cancer death. 80%-90%of lung cancer occurs caused by smoking. The risk of smokers suffering from lung cancer is 20 ...

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