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The child’s mouth convex jaw is narrow face crooked, do not miss the “golden period” before the age of 12

Whether your child has the habit of eating fingers, he often breathe with his mouth while sleeping. When you open your eyes, you always vomit your tongue or ...

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The child is the highest in the class, but the doctor said that she would be short when she grew up …

Lulu, 8 years old, is a third -year elementary school student with a height of more than 1.4 meters. He is the highest in the class. Relatively old -fashioned ...

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The 4 -year -old child swallowed the 25cm bracelet and stuck in the appendix!Expert reminder: These three types of foreign bodies are the most dangerous

When 4 -year -old children played their mother's bracelet, they swallowed it into their stomachs. Two months later, the colonoscopy found that the bracelet had ...

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