Prepare pregnancy
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The best explanation: safety period and conception!

You need to know when you ovulate, there are usually 3 ways: 1. Look at leucorrhea roses (drawing -brushed -cervix secretes a large amount of egg white -like ...

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Which diseases must be cured before they can conceive?

One of the fun in life is that there are many such accidents in our lives. Let you look forward to the future. Maybe an unexpected negligence will let you ...

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Women must quit these habits before preparing for pregnancy

In order to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, women should start preparing before preparing for pregnancy to quit some bad habits to avoid affecting ...

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What should I prepare for pregnant mothers to eat?Eating this way can improve the quality of eggs

Healthy eggs are the prerequisites for babies to have healthy babies, so women must pay attention to ovarian maintenance when preparing for pregnancy and ...

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Women should add more vitamin B6 before pregnancy

At the beginning, the needs of vitamin B, vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin E immediately surged. In clinical experiments, women with lack of vitamin B6 have ...

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Preparation of pregnancy, polymerization gas to promote eugenics

Here are how to help you can help eugenics through diet. 1. What to eat during pregnancy is good for eugenics 1. Foods containing vitamin C can improve the ...

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It would be more difficult to get pregnant if you thought so during pregnancy

So "sincerity" but the baby is not coming. It turns out that this is so desperate to make the pregnancy adaptable. First, so anxious, why can't the baby be ...

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