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TCM acupuncture detoxification Different constitutional weight loss

1. Spleen deficiency and humidity resistance

Spleen deficiency and humidity resistance has a bad appetite, but the weight does not decrease, and the symptoms of tongue coating and thin stool occur. This may be caused by spleen deficiency and humidity resistance. The spleen function is not good, the spleen is poorly transported, and it cannot expect refreshing and dampness. As a result, a large amount of moisture is stored in the body, and the weight continues to rise. Experts solve the confusion: Slimming lies in strengthening the spleen. Improve the body’s humidity function and achieve the purpose of reducing weight.

A. Acupuncture-Dredging the weight in the meridians to reduce weight

For spleen deficiency and humidity resistance, it is very effective. Dredging different acupoints (such as Fenglong, Sanyang, and Neiguan acupoints) to clear the meridians, regulate endocrine and body balance, effectively improve the dehumidification function of the spleen, and also speed up the body’s metabolism. Let the healthy weight loss be determined from the inside out.

B. Exercise method-active qi and blood promote fat burning

Women of this constitution are generally weak in exercise, and they are the “otaku”, which also causes a large amount of moisture and calories to gather in the body. Therefore, the exercise method can achieve good results. Slowly walk for 3 minutes every morning, soothe the whole body, and then go for 3 minutes. For 15 minutes, accelerate the blood circulation of qi and blood in the body, which can improve spleen deficiency, accelerate fat burning, and reduce weight.

2. Two deficiency of the spleen and lungs

Two deficiency of the spleen and lungs has become warmer, but still afraid of cold, often cold hands and feet. Even if the living habits are good, the law of exercise, but the weight is still rising. This is likely to be caused by the deficiency of the spleen and lungs caused by inadequateness. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main water of the lungs. When the lung function is not good, the water gasification effect in the body is not good, and the accumulation of staining in the body will cause weight loss and defeat. Experts: The secret of weight loss is to strengthen the spleen and lungs, improve the gasification of water in the body, and fundamentally solve the problem of weight loss.

A. Food therapy-Light weight inside and outside

Food therapy reduces weight and strengthen the body perfectly, maintain a virtuous circulation of the body, and enhance lung function. Tremella lotus seeds are best appeared in dessert orders after dinner. It can nourish the lungs, strengthen qi and spleen, and moisturize the lungs and reduce phlegm. Let the water be benign in the body, and the weight will naturally be effectively controlled.

B. Foot bath method-moisting the spleen from bottom to top

The soles of the foot are abundant, and Yongquan acupoint can effectively stimulate the smoothness of the kidney meridian, improve the function of the lungs, regulate the weakness of the spleen and lungs, and fundamentally remove the obstacles of weight loss. Buy a sandalwood foot bath, put in lavender essential oil or tanned saffron foot bath salt. When stimulating the acupuncture points of the soles of the foot, the lungs can be strong and accelerate the body’s fat metabolism.

3. Liver stagnation qi stagnation constitution

Liver stagnation qi stagnation, constitutional qi and blood stagnation in the body, also caused an increase in weight. Women with liver stagnation and stagnation are not only troubled by weight problems, but also often irregular menstruation, anxious mood, and insomnia. Experts solve the confusion: promoting blood circulation and stasis, relieving liver and qi is a necessary choice. The liver meridian is dredged, the mood is relaxed, and the weight is naturally falling.

A. Massage method-accelerate fat decomposition from tables and inside

Massage method along the liver meridian to massage specific methods, reduce fat aggregation, and accelerate fat decomposition. And through massage of liver meridians, to regulate yin and yang, effectively clear the liver meridian meridian, thereby improving liver function and improving the physical characteristics of liver stagnation and qi stagnation, thereby blocking the root cause of weight gain.

B. Psychological guidance method-thin body light body light

Such women have a strong temper and are susceptible to overeating. They can relieve their inner anxiety through psychological guidance and avoid excessive diet. The best self -psychological guidance method is to breathe deeply. When you are nervous, let yourself calm down, keep your breath deep deep, soothe your emotions in a short period of time, which can assist the liver dredging.

(Intern editor: Wuying)

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