TCM acupuncture to lose weight must know 7 points

Nowadays, Chinese medicine to lose weight is very popular. Among them, acupuncture to lose weight is the most popular, and many MMs are eager to try. But how much do you know about losing weight for acupuncture? The following editors will tell the seven points that must be understood before acupuncture to lose weight, and deepen your understanding of acupuncture to lose weight.

(1) Local obesity is often a local prominent manifestation of the overall obesity. The local weight loss effect of acupuncture is very good, but it must be carried out synchronized with the overall weight loss to achieve more obvious results.

(2) Do not interrupt the treatment of acupuncture to lose weight. Those with conditions should be better once a day, at least 3 courses in order to obtain better long -term efficacy. Those with severe illnesses should take three courses as one stage, and each stage interval for 1 to 3 months. Do not continue to treat for too long. The treatment time is better in spring and summer.

(3) Acupuncture and diet is better. The principle of controlling the diet is: high protein, low fat, and low sugar intake. Three meals a day are indispensable, and dinner should be as advanced as possible. Increasing exercise: Cooperate with appropriate outdoor activities during treatment, such as walking, jogging, etc., will make the effect of weight loss more obvious.

(4) The most suitable age for acupuncture to lose weight is between 20 and 40 years old, but there are also individual differences. Objectively speaking, some people use acupuncture to lose weight. The effect is not obvious. For effective people, acupuncture weight loss is also a gradual process. It is unrealistic if you expect a few stitches to be tied up.

(5) According to the specific circumstances of patients with obesity, if necessary, you can cooperate with the methods of Chinese medicine, tea, medicine, massage and other methods, which can shorten the treatment and improve the efficacy.

(6) During the weight loss process, a platform period or invalid period of temporary weight loss or stagnation will occur. The former does not exceed 1 course of treatment. This situation can be continued according to the original plan. If we see that the weight of the later period is close to normal, the treatment of this period is of great significance to consolidate the curative effect. The latter is common in the weight loss object (or overweight but fat -free accumulation), or patients can adopt the stimulus method or choose better acupuncture points, adjust the course of treatment.

(7) If the patients with dizziness, pain, nausea and other symptoms in acupuncture, they belong to the adverse reactions of acupuncture, and should be interrupted immediately to prevent danger. During the treatment, anorexia, thirst, increased urination, fatigue, etc. may occur, which are normal phenomena. Because of acupuncture treatment, the internal function of the body is constantly adjusted, prompting metabolism to accelerate, energy consumption, and some clinical symptoms. When the body is re -established, these symptoms will disappear.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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