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Telling a story Smart gameplay: Performance Story

Mom’s words: I used to tell my children a story, but just to the book, the child did not like it. Later, a kindergarten teacher taught me a lot of ways. Now, I can tell the fairy tales vividly. For example, while telling stories to the child, I used props to perform with her, and the child was very happy. She started to like books, not only to listen to the story before going to bed, but also often holding a story book. I have to let me tell her over and over again!

Performance starts:

Script 1: “Little Lan and Xiaohuang” plot introduction: Xiao Lan and Xiaohuang are good friends and often play together. One day, they hugged happily, and the results became green.

Mom and dad didn’t know them anymore. They were sad, crying, crying, flowing out of tears, and turning back to Xiaolan and Xiaohuang.

Performance site: Find some blue, yellow, green wrinkle paper, about 0.5 meters wide and about 1 meter long.

Fold both sides and cut off a large circle in the middle, so that the head can be put in. Mom and children put one on the waist with a rope. When simple clothes, they play Xiaolan and Xiaohuang respectively.

Then perform together, turn around, and play games. After hugging each other “Little Lan” and “Little Huang”, wearing the green “clothes” each means “change color”. Then pretend to cry, cry and cry, “get rid of” the green clothes (get rid of), and change back to Xiaolan and Xiaohuang.

Script 2: “My Dress” Plot Introduction: Little Rabbit made a white dress with a sewing machine. It puts on the skirt and encountered what the skirt looks like: flowers, rain spots, grass seeds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, small birds, small birds, birds Rainbow, clouds, starry sky …

Performance site: Mom takes out a few large white card paper prepared in advance, and uses a large card paper to make a few simple skirts with the children, and encourage children to draw their favorite patterns on the “skirt”. Then let the children “put on” these beautiful “skirts” show you.

Script 3: “In the Forest” plot introduction: A little boy walked into the forest with a horn and met a lion, like baby, big brown bear, kangaroo, old crane, monkey and little rabbit. Forest trip. They played games together until the little boy’s father took him home.

Performance site:

Prepare all kinds of children’s musical instruments to form a family small band, and you can also call your child’s good friends to perform together. While everyone walking, playing instruments, drumming, blowing speakers, shaking hammers, hitting boards, etc. You can also put some brisk music, accompanied by the rhythm and walking with music.

Mom’s experience

1. Before telling a story for your children, you must be familiar with the content of the story yourself. Be sure to be confident when talking.

2. Prepare props or materials according to the content of the story. For example, if the story is mentioned in the story, you can find some fruits and animals, and sometimes you can make it with your children.

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3. When performing, you can use different sounds to represent different roles, especially the sound of the protagonist and other characters must be distinguished.

4. After telling the story, you can encourage children to draw some paintings to deepen the child’s understanding of the story.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)

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