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Ten points of Chinese medicine acupuncture and healthy weight loss

1. The body weight loss and fat reduction should be distinguished

Most people think that weight loss is weight loss. In fact, acupuncture weight loss focuses on fat loss. When treating acupuncture, it is only re -constructed for some local fat to achieve improved body type. It is to adjust the proportion and distribution of fat to reduce excess fat.

2. The speed of weight loss varies from person to person

The speed of acupuncture to lose weight depends on the ability of personal constitution and acupuncture treatment.

3. Acupuncture to lose weight will also have a platform period

Acupuncture weight loss is divided into several steps, and the time span is longer. The speed of weight loss between the 1st and 2nd courses may be faster and the weight will drop faster. During this period of 3-4 treatment, the weight will enter a stable platform period, and by 4-5 Liaoning After the loss, the weight enters a slow weight loss period. At this time, the weight, waist circumference, etc. will gradually decrease again. After a period of relaxation of the skin, it will slowly shrink back at this time, so the effect of acupuncture weight loss is a cumulative process. The initial weight loss effect cannot be continued. A relatively long platform adjustment period exists.

4. Acupuncture to lose weight and stitches will not be infected

The acupuncture needles used in regular hospitals are all disposable. Losing weight to lose weight will not cause bacterial infections. Even if you take a bath, swimming and other activities, there will be no problems, because the pinhole itself is small, and the skin of the human body will naturally naturally will naturally. Shrink, and the needle will recover quickly after the needle is tied.

5. The more the needle is to get better, the better

When acupuncture treats obesity, the acupuncture point it chooses is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to choose acupuncture points on the spleen and stomach meridians. It is not possible to tie anywhere. If you do n’t choose the needle, the weight loss effect will be greatly affected.

6. I am busy at work. I can go to the hospital without time, and I can also lose weight with acupuncture

For friends with busy weight loss, the method of buried the acupuncture points in acupuncture and weight loss is to bury the absorbable medical sheep intestine into the acupuncture point and go to the hospital for a clinic for about 15 days. The softening, decomposition, and liquefied absorption of the sheep intestine in the body, and the physiological and biological stimulus generated by the acupoints, thereby making up the shortcomings such as the less acupuncture time and the difficulty of consolidating the effect.

7. Acupuncture to lose weight is not expensive

Acupuncture weight loss costs are not too expensive, about 40-50 yuan each time. If it is treated 3 times a week, 12 times a month, the monthly cost is about 480 yuan. In addition, if the acupuncture points are buried to lose weight, it will be 15 yuan/acupoint. Generally, about 6 acupoints are buried each time, and it is buried twice a month, which costs about 180 yuan.

8. Chinese medicine to lose weight, the weight loss speed will not affect health

General excessive diet weight loss, the faster the weight loss speed, the greater the damage to health. However, acupuncture to lose weight is different, because the Chinese medicine weight loss process does not require patients to actively die, but to regulate metabolic balance by stimulating acupoints and other ways to fundamental appetite, so that the obese people will dissipate the excess of the excess and lose weight in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

9. Acupuncture to lose weight also requires exercise cooperation

During the treatment, patients are generally required to increase a certain exercise, which is to regulate the law of personal life. After a period of time for acupuncture to lose weight, patients will obviously feel that their mental state is better, digestion is particularly good, and the bowel movement is normal. It is good for the entire body metabolism.

10, acupuncture to lose weight must choose a regular hospital

At present, there are many beauty institutions in the society who have also won the signboard of acupuncture to lose weight. Doctors remind everyone that acupuncture weight loss is actually a process of cure. First of all, obesity is a disease, an external manifestation of metabolism disorders in the body. Choosing a weight loss institution should carefully examine the treatment of various relevant documents, qualifications, and qualification certificates of their treatment. The formal acupuncture artists have undergone rigorous training and requires the grasp of acupoints very accurately.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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