The 11 most of the best stupid thing to lose weight

Pay attention to the MM of weight loss. During this period, it is the time for you to create a good habit of losing weight, so you may commit a lot of misunderstandings. Let Xiaobian take you to get to know it.


1. The most fearless thing: eat less during weight loss, so you need to pick the best food

“I am losing weight and eat very little. In order to work hard to lose weight, I should eat the best one day and night!”

Powerful error: Eat “delicious”? Intersection This is not a wise move for the weight loss plan. The calories consumed> The calorie intake is the basic principle of weight loss. So low -calorie foods are the first choice for diet. And “delicious” -The tastes of good taste, often fragrant, oily, sweet, fine workmanship, they are all high -calorie.

New concept: calories density refers to the ratio of the calories and weight of a certain food. Calories = heat ÷ weight. Carbohydrates are much larger than fat and protein, but the calorie density is much lower. 100 grams of vegetables and fruits contain 10 calories of 10 calories, while 100 grams of cattle contain 250 calories. Even if you eat 1/4 steak, the calories are greater than 100 grams of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables, fruits, and grains in the bottom of the pyramid are all foods with large volume and low calories. During the weight loss, these foods are mainly about these foods, you don’t need to eat less at all.

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2. The most comforted stupid thing: “meals” can lose weight

“I have heard that eating less meals can lose weight. In that case, I wo n’t support my stomach, so I changed three meals a day to eat five meals a day.”

Powerful error correction: “Eat less and more meals” can effectively control the amount of food for each meal and make metabolism relatively stable, but the premise is that the total heat of daily intake is fixed. Come to eat in five meals. But if you only remember “more meals”, you must not eat it idle. After a day, you have a larger amount of food than three meals a day, and the result is self -evident.

3. The most tortured stupid thing: sleep late, stay up late, you can lose weight

“Staying up late can lose weight. My brain is constantly turning. So hard, I will definitely consume more calories.”

Powerful error correction: Tired of thinness, increasingly untenable. Stay up late for a long time, you may eat supper, and generally you will make you fatter. why? From a biological point of view, people are animals that are active during the day. In the evening, the various functions of the human body naturally enter the rest state. Only insulin that synthesizes fat is secreted more at night. This means that eating the same thing is easier to become fat at night. Therefore, Chinese medicine has the “unity of heaven and man”. The theory of health is that it is good to work well, and it is necessary to rest well when it is dark.

4. Most countless things: eat finely and beautifully lose weight

“I think eating finely can digest, such as eating apples, I must peel, and I will not eat toxins into the body.”

Powerful error correction: In the impression of many people, eating finely is a manifestation of high -quality life, which can eat “health and slim”, but it is not actually the case. The food is too fine, which has caused some healthy substances. Secondly, eating too delicate food such as fine food and egg milk can easily lead to constipation and cause pressure on metabolism and weight loss. Therefore, eating more fiber -rich foods can promote intestinal peristalsis and benefit digestion and weight loss. Of course, we can cut off the apple skin because of worrying about pesticides, but apple skin is also a good thing that helps toxins in the body.

5. The most knowledgeable thing: give play to the cook

“Even in weight loss, I know that I love myself a little more, the cooking skills are to the limit, and make a delicious work.”

Powerful error correction: the more fresh the more natural foods, the more conducive to weight loss. This is a health strategy recognized by nutritionists all over the world: because in food processing, excessive flavoring agents, oils and starch are often added. These ingredients will increase the burden of metabolism and inject more fat into the body. So in the same type of food, you should choose the most primitive and fresh ways of eating, such as 啃 or drinking juice? Of course, apple is the best choice

Machining “soft and rotten” foods often speed up eating. The human body transmits full information to the central nervous nerve of the brain through the rise of blood glucose value and the sense of satiety of the stomach. If you eat too fast, people cannot feel hunger and full in time, and the result will cause excessive eating.

Chewing can also consume calories and strong teeth. Small experiment: To chew a piece of 6 grams of chewing gum for a moment, it can consume about 10 calories per hour. The consumption of calories has nothing to do with chewing gum, but chewing consumes calories.

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The 11 most of the best stupid thing to lose weight

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