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The 2 -year -old boy is recommended by fish bone card to hypoxia emergency experts.

The young parents eat fish to supplement their nutrition, but they did not clean the fish bones. As a result, the 2 -year -old baby lost a lot. The throat was stuck by the fish bone and was hypoxic. After transferring to Wuhan Children’s Hospital, the experts surgery overnight, and the child finally turned to safety. Experts reminded parents yesterday that the young children who have recently piled up because of the children with fish bones and throats, they must be careful to eat fish for their children.

The 2 -year -old boy Liang Liang (pseudonym) lived in Suizhou, and he was always coughing in recent days. Seeing that the baby can eat and drink, the family thinks that it is cooling down, so they don’t care too much. The day before yesterday, Liang Liang refused to eat, and was willing to drink water and drink milk. By yesterday, he vomited everything. The family panicked and rushed to the local hospital. The filming shows that the child has a foreign body with a foreign body and a poor spirit. He quickly contacted the ambulance and escorted it to Wuhan Children’s Hospital. At 8 pm, when the child arrived in the emergency wearing an oxygen bag, his breathing was obviously rapid and had hypoxia symptoms.

Emergency filming shows that the front of the child’s aortic arch has a four -sided foreign body. Here, the “terrain is dangerous”, which is easy to stab the mucous membrane to cause infection and pneumothorax, or the aorta causes major bleeding. Chen Ping, deputy chief physician of the Department of ENT, tried to adjust the bone bone position, but the fish bone was too tight, and forcibly dragging may hurt the mucosa around the trachea. Under the endoscope, the expert dragged the tip of the fish bone into the bronchial sheath to protect the surrounding mucosa from being scratched and carefully removed. In the end, take out a fish bone with a tip and fish gills on all sides. My mother remembered that she had eaten fish three or four days ago. It may be stuck at that time, and she regretted that she was too careless.

Cui Long, the attending physician of the Department of ENT Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, introduced that there is an occasional case of children who occasionally have a carda. In the past week, they have appeared in each other. If the child is drooling, crying, no wanting to eat or vomiting after eating fish, he should go to the doctor immediately.

Experts remind that children are stuck in the stuck. Due to their limited expression ability, the medical examination process is not high, which will increase the difficulty of the doctor’s treatment and affect the diagnosis and treatment effect. Therefore, parents should try to avoid allowing young children to eat thorns. Before eating fish, they must remove the fishbone. Choose a thorny deep -sea fish like cod, which is also a safe approach.

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