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The 2010 Medical List Top Ten Three Hospital Explanation

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital:

The hospital is good or bad.Our hospital has won this honor for three consecutive years. We must sincerely thank the majority of netizens 39 Health Network for their trust and support for us.

2010 is the year when Beijing Union Hospital adheres to public welfare, mobilizes enthusiasm, strengthens patients, innovative management mechanisms, improve operational efficiency, and continue to carry out public hospital reform exploration and practice.In this year, the hospital took “what patients need, what performance is evaluated” as a pointer, further improve the comprehensive performance assessment, maximize the work enthusiasm of medical staff on all levels, and greatly improve service efficiency and level.We took the lead in implementing non -performing events and safety hazards in the country to actively report to the system, build a “collaborative defense line” for patients’ safety, and strengthen the patient’s safety dam.In the end, the patient can see the disease, live in the hospital, see good illness, and benefit from the reform and development of public hospitals.The medal is a kind of honor and a responsibility.With the trust and entrustment of trust and entrustment, the Confucian people will walk on their heads and their pride to enter 2011 to build the 90th anniversary of the people’s satisfaction hospital.

The 2010 Medical List Top Ten Three Hospital Explanation

General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army (301 Hospital)

First of all, thank you for your trust and affirmation of us and all sectors of the society. The acquisition of this honor fully illustrates the continuous upgrading of hardware facilities in our hospital in recent years.The praise also shows that we have paid attention to the construction of medical morality and efforts to build a harmonious doctor -patient relationship.

In recent years, under the guidance of the goal of creating a research hospital, our hospital has implemented a scientific concept of development with the “gap”, and the hard power and soft power have been greatly improved.Luzi, the hospital’s brand is well -known, has been widely recognized by all sectors of society, and has won the trust of the people and patients of the general public.At the same time, we have also strengthened our confidence to further promote the construction of first -class modern research hospitals. We will take this as an opportunity to continue to work hard and strive for first -class, provide better services for the majority of patients, and make the national medical and health undertakings.New and greater contribution

Peking University People’s Hospital

In 2010, in 2010 when the reform of the medical and health system was continuously deepened, the People’s Hospital of Peking University actively participated and explored and promoted the reform of the hospital’s mechanism system with the strong sense of social responsibility of the university hospital.EssenceAt this moment, the glorious title of “Top Ten Hospitals in Beijing” is a big drum to the hospital.

39 Health Network is the most famous comprehensive health website in China and the most professional health management service center for the people.39 Health Network netizens selected the most trusted hospitals in their minds with an objective stand, trustworthiness, and rigorous scale.This title is the heaviest among the many honors and rewards in the People’s Hospital of Peking University.As a university hospital with a long history of 92 years, Peking University People’s Hospital will, as always, use the most advanced and powerful professional and technical strength of the university hospital, and provide the most high -quality services to the majority of patients, pass the warmth and love to the society, and build it for construction.The strength of the first good area of harmonious development!

Ministry of Health China -Japan Friendship Hospital

In the process of issuing the “Guiding Opinions on the Pilot Reform of Public Hospitals” and the gradual progress of the pilot of the reform of the public hospital, the 39 Health Network’s “Top Ten Hospital” was of great significance.The Chinese and Japanese Friendship Hospital cherishes the honor of the “Top Ten Hospital”. This is the affirmation of the majority of netizens for our hospital’s work. It inspires and spur we to further actively participate in the reform of public hospitals.”It is expensive to see a doctor” and “difficult to see a doctor.”

In the new year, we will continue to adhere to the public welfare of public hospitals, strive to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees in the hospital, devote themselves to the trend of medical reform in my country. Focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of critical illness, unremitting efforts to large -scale comprehensive modern hospitals featuring Chinese and Western medicine.

Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University

In 2007 and 2008, our hospital was rated as “Most Popular Three Hospital” and “Most Popular Specialty Hospital” after the 2007 and 2008 of our hospital.In the annual overall evaluation list, our hospital once again won the title of “Top Ten Hospitals in Beijing”.After hearing the news, the employees of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital were very excited.As the saying goes, the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the people’s reputation. We sincerely thank the people for their trust and cherish the life entrustment of patients and family members.

The college of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is “Renqin Qinhe”. We put the “benevolent” first and always adhere to the professional belief of “doctor benevolence”.In front of SARS, Jialiu, hand, foot and mouth disease, Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes, counterpart support, Shiqu and mudslides, etc., they are not afraid of risks.Adhering to the ten years of selfless support to support a number of Beijing district and county traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and Chinese medicine hospitals from other provinces, and make the “handmade project” supporting suburban counties into brand projects.Dean Wang Yisheng was hailed by the people as “the dean of the civilians”.The responsibility for social responsibility has exchanged the affirmation of the people, and we cherish it!

Beijing University First Hospital

Founded in 1915, the First Hospital of Peking University (referred to as “Peking University Hospital”) is a hospital with a long history and glorious traditional culture. Since the establishment of the hospital in 1995, Peking University Hospital has adhered to the college of “Hou Dechando”., Medical skills.It has been continuously innovated in the work of clinical medical care, medical education, and scientific research, and has made due contributions to the development of my country’s medical undertakings and the health of the people.Liu Yucun, president of Peking University Hospital, brought all employees for his trust and love for us from all walks of life and the general people for many years.In the future, under the guidance of “inheritance, innovation, harmony, and competition”, our hospital continues to adhere to the scientific development.New contributions are made in the problem of difficulty in seeing a doctor.39 Health Network ( special draft, please do not reprint without written authorization.

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