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The 22 -year -old girl breast augmentation and injection of silicone once three times in two years

Blind breast augmentation causes big trouble

Yesterday afternoon, at the Medical Plastic Surgery Center of the First Hospital of the Municipal Hospital, the reporter saw the small sign shortly after the operation.”It shouldn’t be done blindly!” Xia Zhao said this operation refers to a breast augmentation surgery in injection in a salt water and silicone in a so -called plastic surgeon’s home at the end of 2007.Half a year later, Xiao Zhao’s breasts were inexplicably “long” out of many masses.So she went to the doctor’s house twice for another plastic surgery.However, what Xiao Zhao never expected was that his chest began to pain shortly afterwards, accompanied by swelling and closing.

Under pain, Xiaorizhao came to the Medical Plastic Surgery Center of the First Hospital of the Municipal Hospital.On July 13, the medical staff performed surgery for Xiao Zhao. The surgery was performed for more than 5 hours, and 2500 ml of silicone solution was taken out of its breasts.”If you do not perform surgery, the patient’s breasts are not only unable to keep it, but it is also very likely to be cancer.” Chen Chao, director of the Medical Plastic Surgery Center, said.

It is understood that as early as 2006, the national regulatory authorities have completely banned the production and use of breast augmentation products.

Love beauty is risky, please choose cautiously

Beauty experts remind that plastic surgery must pay attention to four major matters: select regular professional hospitals; choose qualified professional physicians; consult more; retain evidence.

It should be reminded that medical beauty surgery is higher than that of ordinary surgery. It is recommended that Ms. Aimei must go to regular medical institutions.

Xiao Zhao is the most beautiful, but now I regret it

Why should I have to do plastic surgery?Why did you choose to go to a doctor’s house?After the surgery failed, did she ask the plastic surgeon to say something?Yesterday, the reporter and Xia Zhao had a dialogue.

Desire perfectly doing plastic surgery

Reporter (hereinafter referred to as “Ji”): Now you are very beautiful. Why do you have to do plastic surgery?

Xiao Zhao: Friends also say that I have a good figure, fair skin, and good conditions in all aspects.However, they said that my only disadvantage was that my chest was too small, and it looked very uncoordinated with my figure.I also belong to the kind of person who is pursuing perfection and eager to have a perfect figure, so I decided to perform plastic surgery.

Going to the individual clinic is “lucky” psychology

Reporter: Why do you choose to go to the house of a plastic surgery for surgery?

Xiao Zhao: I am also lucky. After all, compared with the large hospital, there are fewer acquaintances, privacy, and saving things to be encountered in the home of small hospitals or doctors.In addition, my friends also strongly persuaded me to say that the effects of large hospitals and private clinics are the same.Moreover, the plastic surgeon is particularly enthusiastic. It is repeatedly guaranteed that it is very professional, the operation is no problem, and it is guaranteed that it will not affect your health.

No examination before surgery

Reporter: Before the operation, did the doctor have a related examination for you?

Xiao Zhao: Without any inspection, the other party just told me to taboo spicy, seafood and other foods after surgery.

Reporter: Have you considered the consequences of surgery?

Xiaomei: Never considered.However, now that I was stupid at the time, I did it.

It took nearly 20,000, it hurts for nearly a year

Reporter: It is not ideal for the first time. Did you undergo two more plastic surgery?

Xiao Zhao: Yes.I injected saline and silicone at the doctor’s house for breast augmentation.But half a year later, there were many small masses on my chest, and then I went to the doctor’s house twice to perform plastic surgery.

Tossed these times back and forth, I spent more than 18,000 yuan, and my body also suffered huge pain.Especially the pain of the chest lasts for about a year.During this period, because of the pain and masses of breasts, I dare not take a bath in a public bath, nor dare to wear suspenders.

Reporter: From surgery to now, have you ever found that doctor to discuss?

Xiao Zhao: Afterwards, I have asked the plastic surgeon many times to discuss.As a result, I was threatened, and now I dare not find it.

I feel very regret now

Reporter: What do you feel now?Can you give some suggestions for the beauty?

Xiao Zhao: Now I feel very regretful, regret not doing surgery at the doctor’s house, and regret my original rushing decision.

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Health is the most important and healthy body is also the most beautiful.This is the biggest lesson I got from this operation!

Here, I also want to warn those girls who love beauty to do plastic surgery. If you must do it, go to a regular hospital.

(Intern editor: Lin Yanjin)

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