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The 27 -year -old guy was diagnosed with intestinal cancer 3 times a day!3 kinds of stool abnormalities are physical alarms

Mr. Wang is 32 years old. He works in a top 500 company in China. He usually gets busy with work. It is a day in front of the computer.In the past week, Mr. Wang’s defecation has not been smoothly exhausted, and there are symptoms such as abdominal distension and abdomen pain.



Accompanied by his wife, he went to the hospital for examination. After a series of examinations, Mr. Wang was diagnosed with colon cancer, and lymphatic metastasis had already appeared. Such news caused this little family to fall into grief at once.

The consultation did not know that Mr. Wang had two or three times a day, but recently suddenly constipated. The doctor said that the change in defecation habits may also be the signal of the tumor.

One, three stools a day and three days of stool, who is intestinal cancer?

Someone asked: “Is that three stools a day, or a good stool every three days?” In fact, the number of stools is generally related to various factors such as diet, personal constitution, and living habits.People who eat less and slow gastrointestinal motility may not defecate once every three days. People who eat more and fast intestinal peristalsis may have to go to the toilet several times a day.

Generally, 3 to 21 times a week, it belongs to the normal bowel frequency of the human body, but the number of bowel movements varies from person to person. It is also possible every two to three days.

2. There are cancers in the body, and the stool will be a ventilation letter

In the early stages of bowel cancer, patients basically have no symptoms. Therefore, it is difficult to find it whether it is a doctor or the patient. The best way to eliminate or prevent bowel cancer is to screen through colonoscopy.

However, once there are problems in the intestine, the stool will also be reported to report, and we must seize the warning of the stool in time.

1. Stool in the shape of abnormal stool

If you find that the stool suddenly becomes thinner, flattened, or obvious dentation occurs, and it does not alleviate for a period of time, be vigilant caused by the squeezing of intestinal tumors.

2. Constipation and diarrhea alternately appear

3. Change the frequency of defecation

The frequency of defecation suddenly does not change the cause of the cause. At the same time, it is accompanied by symptoms such as endless defecation, weight loss, anemia and other symptoms. We must be alert to tumor strikes.

4. Stools are obviously evil, smell, smell

5. Bleeding stool

If blood stains are mixed in the bowel movement and accompanied by symptoms such as mucus and abdominal pain, it should be distinguished from hemorrhoids.The tumor is friction with feces, and it may also be ulcerated, and a small amount of blood is mixed in the feces.

3. Prevent bowel cancer, don’t forget these

The occurrence of colorectal cancer is generally caused by adenoma polyps, jagged -like changes, and inflammatory bowel disease. However, more than 90%of bowel cancer evolved from colorectal polyps.Generally from polyps to bowel cancer, it takes about 5-15 years.It is best to prevent bowel cancer.Even if it is asymptomatic, a colonoscopy should be performed. Once the polyps are found to be removed in time, it can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.

“Opinions of China’s Colorectal Cancer Prevention (2016, Shanghai)” pointed out 6 suggestions:

1. Quit smoking

2. Quit alcohol

3. Eat more dietary fiber, coarse grains and grain matching

4. Control weight and waist circumference

5. Eat less red meat, process meat, etc.

6. 150 minutes of medium -intensity aerobic exercise per week

Affected by eating habits, physique, etc., many people have different habits of bowel movements, but it is recommended to develop the habit of regular bowel movements. Once they find that the bowel habits are good, they must be alert to intestinal cancer.Cancer prevention is crucial.

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