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The 29 -year -old man does not cigarette and has liver cancer!Advice: these two habits, correct as soon as possible

Xiaogang is only 29 years old this year. He usually does not smoke or drink. He looks handsome and well -behaved. He is a civil servant. He is a typical “child of someone else.”

But half a year ago, he had symptoms such as vomiting and decreased appetite. At first, he thought it was caused by stomach problems. He didn’t take it to heart. It was not until he became more and more serious, and even symptoms such as abdominal pain occurred.

However, he did not expect that he was found to have the advanced liver cancer. He couldn’t figure it out for a while.

First, why do some people suffer from liver cancer?

Tobacco and alcohol are carcinogenic factors of liver cancer, but some people are obviously not stained with tobacco and alcohol, but they will still be seen by liver cancer. Why?

Liver cancer refers to malignant tumors that occur in the hepatocytes or intrahepatic cholecostal epithelial cells. The liver cirrhosis caused by various causes is high -risk factors of liver cancer. Chronic hepatitis B virus infection, hepatitis C virus infection, alcoholism, mildew foods, etc.Increase the risk of liver cancer.

For example, a type of carcinogenylinylin can be produced in moldy foods, which has obvious liver toxicity. Long -term consumption will increase the risk of liver cancer.The eating habits of often big fish and meat can easily lead to fatty liver and increase the chance of liver cancer.

In addition, persistent chronic hepatitis B virus infection is also a major cause of high incidence of liver cancer.

2. There are 3 abnormalities in the skin, be careful that the liver has been damaged

The liver is the largest detoxification organ and metabolic organs in the human body. Once the liver function is abnormal, the skin may have some abnormal symptoms below.

1. Yellow skin

After the liver function is abnormal, hormone metabolism will be affected, causing abnormal skin to yellow. If the skin is yellow if the skin is unknown, you must be alert to the signal of the liver damage.

2. Liver palm appears

If the skin of the fish is red with red spots, and there are strange erythema, and the skin becomes white after pressing, which means that the liver has been damaged.

3. Spider mole

After the liver function is damaged, a large amount of estrogen accumulation will cause small arteries to expand, causing red spider moles, which are generally common in the face, neck, chest, back and other positions.

In addition, after the liver is damaged, symptoms such as pain, itching, fever, and ascites in the liver area will also occur. Once appear, be vigilant and check the doctor as soon as possible.

Third, how long will he suffer from liver cancer?

Many people know that hepatitis B virus is a high -risk factor for liver cancer. Is it that hepatitis B will suffer from liver cancer. How long will hepatitis B develop liver cancer?

According to statistics, 887,000 people in the world die from hepatitis B infection each year, of which liver cancer accounts for 45%.

Professor Miao Xiaohui, the former deputy director of the Naval Military Medical University Long March Hospital and the former deputy chairman of the Infectious Disease Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, pointed out that most patients with hepatitis B need to develop liver cancer first.

If effective treatment is not accepted, 10%-30%of patients with hepatitis B will progress to liver cirrhosis, and 15%of them will develop liver cancer.

Therefore, it is important to prevent hepatitis B.

1. Vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine

Purding hepatitis B vaccine in time is the most effective method for preventing hepatitis B.It is recommended that newborns, infants and young children, unpredictable people under 15 years of age, and high -risk groups should be vaccinated in time.

2. Patients with hepatitis B must actively treat

Hepatitis B virus will be transmitted through maternal and infants. It is recommended that patients with hepatitis B must actively treat hepatitis B, and re -prepare for pregnancy and child in the case of stable liver function, so as not to pass to the next generation.

Although smoking and drinking are more likely to be stared at by cancer, cancer is the result of the common effect of various factors after all, so people who do not cigarette or alcohol may also be seen by cancer.Because hepatitis B infection is a major cause of high incidence of liver cancer, he must do a good job of prevention of hepatitis B.

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