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The 38 most beautiful breasts in history

It is definitely an insult to describe a woman’s body with “airport”. Today, the eyebrows are going to stand up. Qi Qijian’s “breasts” actions have specially rushed for you to be recognized as 38 kinds of healthy breasts, and the models are effective.

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Basic common sense: global recognized standard beautiful breasts

According to reliable survey data, 34B breasts are perfect breasts that can be accepted by the world’s aesthetic standards. Of course, in addition to the size, the strong and full breasts are also very important.

And to ensure the fullness of the chest, in addition to the secretion of the inferior pituitary gland and ovarian estrogen hormone, the amount of free fat is also an important inner factors that determine the perfection of the chest. This is why you lose weight (weight loss food) At the time, whether it is really success or not, the cup will drop the number one.

(1) Diet method: fruits, vegetables, milk, fish can be milk

1. Papaya, fish, meat and fresh milk, such as foods rich in protein (protein foods), can be healthy.

2. Soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernels, sesame and cornes and other seeds and nuts. It is an effective healthy food. It may wish to eat more.

3. Orange, grapes (grape foods), grapefruit and tomatoes, such as vitamin C, can prevent chest deformation.

4. Foods such as celery, walnuts, and red waist beans help the chest development.

5. Foods such as broccoli, broccoli and sunflower oil (oil food), etc. containing vitamin A, are all beneficial to the secretion of hormones.

6, beef, milk, beans, and pork liver including vitamin B, which also helps the synthesis of hormones.

7. Milk stewed chicken —— Add milk with tender chicken to stew with milk, which can have a breast enhancement (breast enhancement food).

8. Drink some beautiful soup containing Chinese medicine ingredients, such as the stewed pigeon soup of the Zihe car. The materials include Zihe, Angelica, Beiqi, red dates and pigeons. Zihe car is placenta, rich in hormones and hormones; angelica, red dates and northern flags nourish qi and blood, while milk pigeons have the effect of strong body fitness.

9. You can also drink carp soup made of yellow essence, angelica, atractylodes, Yunling, carp, ginger and other materials. Because the carp has a strong effect, atractylodes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, combine it, and have a healthy breast effect.

10. Drinking more ginseng Zhuxin Decoction also has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood and healthy breasts.

11. The effect of herbal medicine is also good, such as sheep milk and creamy ginseng, which also have dietary therapies of healthy breasts. These two kinds of herbs can strengthen the spleen and stomach, enhance the ability of the human body, and help the development of the chest.

12. You can also drink the following two traditional Chinese medicine tea, including Guibi Tea and Yangxin Tea. The former nourishes qi and nourish blood, and the latter nourishes the mind and nourish the mind. The expansion of the wine brewed egg queen slurry.

13, wine brewed egg -add wine and sugar into cooked eggs, take a bowl in the morning and evening during the physiological period, can achieve the effect of beauty (beauty food) and breast enhancement.

14. Emperor’s jelly — continuously taking several months, it can have a certain breast enhancement effect, because the royal jelly has the function of stimulating hormones.

15. Foods rich in glue, such as hoof tendons, sea cucumbers, and pig feet can increase chest development.

16. Eat more seafood foods, such as shrimp shells, and the zinc contained in it is an important element for making hormones.

Common sense: The best breasts that must be missed

From the 11th, 12th, and 13th days of menstruation, these three days are the best period of breast enhancement, and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21, 23, 23, 24 days are the best period, because in these 10 days, the chest affects the chest in the chest. The plump ovarian emotional hormone is secreted at 24 hours, which is also the best time to stimulate breast fat accumulation.

(2) Sports (Sports Food) Method: Frequent dumbbells and swimming

17. Raising dumbbells can make the chest muscles strong and persist in the effect of effectively achieve the effect of expanding the chest.

18. The chest expansion exercise -separate legs, hold the dumbbell with both hands, the upper body forward, and the back and neck remain straight. Lift the dumbbells up and down to the chest, inhale when you lift it, and exhale when you put it down.

19. Strong chest and abdomen exercise -the neck and waist are kept straight at the same time, and then straighten your hands, concentrate your strength on the abdomen, and stretch your hands to both sides while exhaling.

20. Strengthen the chest movement -the upper body is forward, holding the dumbbell with one hand, and pressing the other hand on the knee to support the body; lift the dumbbells to the chest, then hang down, and do 10 times left and right.

21. Releasing down —— Rare 5 pounds of dumbbells with both hands. Pay attention to exhaling when pushing up, and keep the elbow joints slightly curved, and keep it to the highest 1 second. Do about 12 consecutive times.

22. Emphasis on the chest -the three -headed force of the arm should be raised at about 10 pounds when you are primary, and pay attention to the back muscles to be locked.

23. Equipment movement -When doing this mechanical chest expansion exercise, pay attention to the opening and closing movements of both hands. You should not be pulled too much, and you can stretch it to 180 degrees, otherwise it will easily strain the pectoral muscles.

24. Swimming ─ ─ The effect of mass massage through the hydraulic pressure has certain help for chest development.

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