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The 4 -year -old child swallowed the 25cm bracelet and stuck in the appendix!Expert reminder: These three types of foreign bodies are the most dangerous

When 4 -year -old children played their mother’s bracelet, they swallowed it into their stomachs. Two months later, the colonoscopy found that the bracelet had mistakenly entered the inside of the appendix. After the fine operation of Director Geng Lanlan’s team of Geng Lanlan in Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center, this 25cm bracelet was finally successfully removed. Director Geng Lanlan reminded: Children, especially children aged 3-6, are lively, and they are curious about the surrounding environment, and they are particularly easy to eat foreign body. Parents should pay attention to care and teaching. Once an accident occurs, they should go to the hospital for evaluation as soon as possible, especially high -risk items such as sharp objects, batteries, and magnets should be taken out as soon as possible.

4 -year -old child swallowed bracelets

I didn’t pull out the original appendix for 2 months

The 4 -year -old child swallowed him into his stomach 2 months ago when playing his mother’s bracelet. Mom and Dad took the child to take a flat abdomen in the local hospital. It was judged that the foreign body had fallen into the intestine, and the child had no discomfort, so he went home and waited.

It stands to reason that the foreign body that enters the intestine generally discharge within a few days, but the days have passed every day. After 2 months, the children did not discharge bracelets. Multiple photos review, all indicate that foreign bodies are fixed on the right lower abdomen. The anxious parents took their children to the children’s hospital of Guangzhou Women’s Children’s Medical Center.

Generally speaking, gastrointestinal foreign bodies can be divided into esophageal, stomach, and intestinal foreign bodies. Most foreign bodies can be discharged after entering the intestine without obvious damage. Need surgery for surgery. Experts from gastrointestinal surgery considers that children do not have the medical history of intestinal malformations, and suspect that foreign bodies may enter the appendix by mistake. Trauma.

Director Geng Lanlan’s team immediately arranged colonoscopy for the child after receiving the consultation. It was found that the appendix opened normally during the operation and did not see foreign objects. Through the abdominal X -ray film during the operation, according to the location relationship of the colonoscopy, biopsy and foreign body, it is highly considered as a rare appendic foreign body. Further use an ultra -fine gastroscopy to detect the inside of the appendix, and the metal bracelet was found.

The internal space of the appendix is ​​narrow, the mucous membrane wall is thin, and the bracelet is too long in the appendix. The foreign body and the mucous membranes have appeared. The slightly poor pool will have serious consequences. The risk of surgery.

Under the extremely fine operation of Director Geng Lanlan, the entire operation was not bad. It successfully removed the bracelet from the appendix. The in vitro measured the bracelet with 25cm long! After reviewing the child’s reply, he was discharged smoothly.

Scarce objects, batteries, magnets

These three types of items are the most dangerous

Coins, rings, SD cards, zipper heads, screws, pens, glass beads, lollipop sticks …

Over the years, the foreign bodies swallowed by the children are the only thing you can’t think of. In the 10 years from 2006 to 2016, there were 1,257 cases of various gastrointestinal foreign objects in the Gastrointestinal Medicine Department of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center.

Director Geng Lanlan reminds parents that they must not underestimate the risk of eating foreign bodies by mistake. Dangerous items in the family must stay away from children, and tell children not to put non -food in their mouths. Once you find that your child swallows a foreign body, he should be sent to the hospital in time, and the doctor will be evaluated to observe or treat it accordingly.

Director Geng Lanlan emphasized: “In most cases, foreign bodies will be discharged by themselves, but some items will stay in the body and bring health risks to children. If foreign objects stuck in the esophagus in the esophagus, it will also cause life danger. From the type Said, three items of sharp objects, batteries, and magnets need to be noted. “

There is no need to talk about the danger of sharp objects. There are the risk of piercing the digestive tract at any time. Some children have lost their young lives because they swallowed the stubborn acupuncture to break the esophagus and invade the nearby heart of the heart.

The battery will be corroded by gastric acid in the human body. Once the shell is ruptured and releases chemicals, it will cause damage to the child.

The harm of magnets often does not pay enough attention. In fact, “the magnet is very dangerous, and the two or more magnets are swallowed, and we are directly listed as a high -risk case.” Director Geng Lanlan said. One is because there are many iron products in life, which can cause perforation with the magnets in the body. The other is that if there are multiple magnets in the body, when they flow to different parts, they will also cause perforation! (Correspondent: Zhou Mi)

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