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The 9 -year -old child plays the laser pen and the left eye is blind. Parents don’t buy these things as toys for their children anymore

9 -year -old child playing laser pen Less eye blindness

Some time ago, a sad thing happened in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Xiao Ming (pseudonym), who was only 9 years old, played with a laser pen at home. At that time, many students would buy this kind of toy, on the one hand, fun, and on the other hand, they were mentally psychologically psychologically. As a result, Xiaoming actually used a laser pen to take a few seconds in his left eye.

After taking the laser pen away, Xiaoming found that his left eye was very uncomfortable. The parents were also panicked at this time, and hurriedly let Xiao Ming’s eyes test. However, the test results found that Xiaoming’s left eye was dark and could no longer see anything. Later, his parents immediately took Xiaoming to the hospital and asked the doctor to check.

However, after the examination, the doctor said that Xiaoming’s left eye was burned by a laser pen, causing the degeneration of the macular area of ​​the left eye bottom. The vision of the left eye was only 0.04 (the vision was below 0.05 and the definition was blind). It means that Xiaoming’s left eye will be blind in the future. Most importantly, this burns are irreversible.

Xiaoming’s parents were also lucky to take it to other hospitals for diagnosis and treatment, but they all concluded the same conclusion, that is, it was impossible to treat.

Xiao Ming, who was only 9 years old, lost his left eye because of a laser pen!

Parents don’t buy these things anymore

In fact, as early as a few years ago, the Consumer Protection Commission and the Department of Education jointly issued a consumer warning, indicating that the laser pen is not a general toy. Don’t buy it for children casually. Xiaoming’s case can just remind parents to manage children’s toys well, so that the tragedy happened again!

In order not to let the children have similar damage events, please do the following points:

1. Understand the safety category of laser product

According to the classification of national standards “Safety of Laser Products Part 1: Equipment Classification and Requirements”, the degree of harm of laser products from low to high is 1, 1m, 2m, 2m, 3R, 3B, 4 Class 4, 4, 4 category Only 1 type of laser products are considered safe under reasonable and predictable use conditions, allowing as children’s toys. However, it should be noted that improper use of any light -emitting products may damage the retina.

2. Do not buy category 1 category of laser products as children’s toys for children

When buying children’s toys, check and confirm whether the toy has laser. Regular laser products will mark safety categories. Do not buy more than 1 or more category laser products as children’s toys. Do not shine directly to your eyes or observe the beam through optical instruments (magnifying glass, telescope, etc.). When disassembling or replacing laser toys display patterns, parents should be present.

3. Pay attention to children’s daily safety precautions and education

Most of the laser damage incidents occur on children. The damage parts are mainly eye and skin. High -energy laser can be irreversible to the retina’s photoresidal cells without causing a blink of an eye (usually less than 1 second). It can cause permanent vision to decrease or even blind. The knowledge of laser radiation related to children should be promoted to children, and children should not be purchased or using high -power laser pens.

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4. Standardize the use of and properly keep it for office laser pens

Most of the laser pens used for office demonstrations are 3R laser products and are not toys. Please regulate the use of laser pens, strictly prohibit the eyes of the eyes, interfere with the normal visual objects of others, and instruct the aircraft. At the same time, be sure to put the laser pen where children cannot touch.

39 Health is here to call for children’s safety, please pay attention to safety education, prevent safety accidents, and let us work together for the healthy growth of children!

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