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The advantages of TCT in the diagnosis of cervical disease

TCT examination: TCT test uses a liquid -based thin layer cell detection system to detect cervical cells and perform cytological classification diagnosis. It is currently a more advanced cervical cancer cytological examination technology internationally internationally. The film inspection significantly improves the satisfaction of the specimen and the detection rate of cervical abnormal cells. The detection rate of cervical cancer cells in TCT cervical cancer -proof cytology is 100%. At the same time, some pre -cancer lesions can also be found. Microbial infections such as mold, trichomoniasis, virus, chlamydia, etc.

Therefore, TCT technology is an advanced technology applied to women’s cervical cancer screening.

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The advantages of TCT in the diagnosis of cervical disease:

In fact, TCT testing is only the first step in cervical lesions. Generally speaking, the diagnosis of cervical lesions is divided into three steps: TCT, vaginal and pathological diagnosis. Experts say that although the cell tissue is truly authoritative if the diagnosis of pathology is diagnosed, the first level of TCT still shows obvious advantages. If there is a problem with the TCT display, women should further make vaginal or pathological diagnosis to accurately determine the condition; but if the TCT test results are benign, these examinations can be done. , But still pay attention to regular review. Therefore, TCT can have more than double the effect.

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