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The antipyretic stickers can help cool down but must be cautious to use expert suggestions: children may wish to take a warm bath first

As soon as the child has a fever, the whole family is like an enemy. In recent years, the popular “Removal Patch” has been the standard of many family medicine boxes as a fever artifact. As long as the child has a fever, first post a forehead. Recently, a post on the heating sticker stated that the antipyretic sticker could not help the fever, and it could also cause skin allergies and caused parents to fall into tangled. Yesterday, experts from Wuhan Children’s Hospital stated that the antipyretic stickers were used as auxiliary cooling methods to make children feel more comfortable, but it was not helpful for the fever. Parents should be used with caution under the guidance of a doctor.

“My family has a retreat in the hot sticker all year round, which is to worry about the child’s fever in the middle of the night.” In a parenting group in Wuhan, Ms. Xu, a young mother, said that her girlfriends recommended this when they were pregnant, saying that many Baoma was using it. After the birth of the daughter Guoguo (pseudonym), the heating sticker became the standard at home. Now that the daughter is 5 years old, a few boxes have been stored in the small medicine box. Like Ms. Xu, many parents regard the “antipyretic post” as an antipyretic artifact. Yesterday, the reporter searched the online store that heated the heat -reducing stickers were very large, and some monthly sales ranging from tens of thousands of pieces.

But parents worry that the allergic symptoms mentioned in the post have also happened in the child. Ms. Wang, 28, said that last week’s 3 -year -old son Lele (a pseudonym) had a cold and fever, and her temperature was 38.5 ° C. She quickly posted a piece of posting to the child until the next day when the child was taken to the hospital, the doctor set off the forehead skin. Red, saying that there is a slight allergies, “I didn’t dare to use it later.”

So, is the fever sticker helping children fever and fever? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Lu Xiaoxia, director of the Department of Respiratory Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital. She introduced that the child’s fever is divided into high fever and low heat. If it is below 38.5 ° C and there is no history of thermal convulsions, parents can choose physical cooling first. The doctor’s first cooling method is a warm water bath. Wipe the child’s underarms, neck, groin, etc. through warm water (37 ° C) towels, which can spread the child’s skin and vascular expansion to spread the body gas. It will also absorb body heat. The heating sticker also uses the principle of physical cooling. It will make the fever children feel more comfortable, but it will not help the fever.

Some antipyretic stickers have clearly made it clear that “children under 3 months are disabled”, but she often encounters a babies for a month or two in the expert clinic, and some even put a few pieces at the same time. Remove. “If the child is allergic and the parents do not know, there is a possibility of skin allergies.” Lu Xiaoxia suggested that as auxiliary cooling method, parents are best to use the antipyretic stickers under the guidance of a doctor.

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