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The baby is constantly hugging, rush?Pay more attention to these aspects

Guidance: Nie Chuan, chief physician of Nie Chuan, Newborn Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Sometimes I encounter some mothers inquiries: “Is the baby’s old hiccup, is there any uncomfortable?” There were some mothers who kept snoring when they saw the baby, and I felt very uncomfortable, but I don’t know how to help him. , I can only worry about it.

Snoring is caused by diaphragmic spasm. In fact, as early as the third trimester, the baby will already snoring, when he snores. Mom can feel that there is a bubble in the stomach that is rumored, but this feeling is delicate, not all pregnant mothers can feel accurately.

After the baby is born, due to the immature neurological development, the plant nerve function that regulates the diaphragm movement is weak. When the baby is slightly stimulated, such as eating milk is too fast, inhaled air, etc., it will cause rapid suction due to the sudden contraction of the diaphragm muscle. The sound of “hiccup, hiccup, and hiccup” appears. Sometimes this snoring can last for several minutes. Watching the baby’s small belly tremble and constantly making a “hiccup” sound. Many parents may be possible I think he is very uncomfortable, but in fact, the average snoring will not make them have too much discomfort. Parents do not have to worry too much.

Although the general hiccups will not affect the health of the baby, as many parents say, they keep snoring, and they are very uncomfortable. Is there any way to help them relieve them?

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