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The baby’s constipation is not necessarily drinking less water

Constitution in infants and young children is a common condition. Many parents think that they drink less water when they encounter their babies, but in fact, there are other reasons behind the baby’s constipation. Next, let’s take a look at the editor.

These bad habits of constipation are “culprit”

Bad habit 1: Improper diet, insufficient cellulose intake

For infants and young children, there are many reasons for constipation, and the diet is unreasonable. If there are more proteins in foods that babies are intake and less carbohydrates, the fermentation process of food in the intestine is weak, and it is easy to cause dry stools. Gastrointestinal motility cannot be separated from the important role of cellulose. When the baby’s supplementary food is lacking in foods and fruits, such as food and fruits, such as foods rich in dietary fiber, it will affect gastrointestinal peristalsis and cause constipation. In addition, the baby feeding or mixed feeding is also a “frequent visitor” of constipation, which may be related to the method of adjusting milk powder, water temperature, and concentration. Therefore, if the baby adds supplementary foods, it is necessary to follow the principles of less to more, from thin to thick, and there is a variety of principles. Pay attention to diverse diet, add food and other foods properly to promote gastrointestinal motility. Pay attention to the method of feeding milk powder. The bottle milk hole cannot be too large, otherwise it will cause fast milk and eat more, and increase the burden on the gastrointestinal.

Bad habits 2: There are errors in defecation training, and the bowel habits have not been developed

Although the experts have repeatedly emphasized that the urine is harmful and unhelpful for the baby, some parents are still inappropriate. In the absence of urine or convenience, they still make them work hard. question. It is also a common cause of constipation without developing good bowel movements. After the baby is 18 months, you can start training bowel movements daily. For example, let your baby sit on the toilet for a few minutes a day, establish a certain condition of defecation conditions, and establish a certain condition conditions for defecation conditions. Reflection, develop a good habit of defecating on time and on time. Another thing to pay attention to is not to let your baby develop a bad habit of playing while playing while playing, otherwise you may suffer from habitual constipation.

Bad habit three: influence of external factors, fragility of the intestine

It is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients, and it is also one of the “culprits” that cause the baby’s stool. Therefore, parents should encourage their babies to climb more and increase the amount of exercise. If necessary, they can also move along the large intestine and press clockwise to make abdominal massage for the baby to help promote gastrointestinal motility and complete the reflection process. In addition, if children are suddenly stimulated by mental stimulation, such as too stress and poor mood, they will be reflected on the problem of bowel movements. The sudden changes in the living environment and the changes in living habits can also cause short -term constipation.

3 tricks to help your baby stay away from constipation

1. Promote breastfeeding

Milk feeding babies are more likely to have constipation. Most of them are because of too much casein in milk, so the stool is dry and hard. Choose breastfeeding as much as possible, because breast milk contains hypoglycemia and rich nutrients, which will not let the baby get angry. If the baby has symptoms on fire, the mother must adjust her diet and drink plenty of water and eat fruit and vegetables.

2. Reasonable meal

Among the foods that the mother paired with the baby, the ratio of fish, meat, eggs and grains should be appropriate. Try to eat light food as much as possible, and don’t be too greasy. You can also add some vegetables and fruits. You can usually give your baby more foods containing crude fiber, such as corn noodles and rice noodles. These cellulose can help the baby’s gastrointestinal motility, and can also increase food residues, stimulate intestinal walls, promote intestinal peristalsis, and make it easy to discharge. Moms should pay attention to drinking boiled water for the baby. If the baby does not like boiling water, you can add some orange juice, pear juice, etc. If you don’t like boiling water, do not use drinks instead.

3. Develop a good habit of timely defecation

Generally speaking, the baby can help him gradually form a regular defecation habit for about three or four months. For babies over one year old, after the staple food every morning, parents can help the baby sitting in a regular basis and make a um of sound to allow the baby to form a conditional reflection.

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