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The baby’s “little egg” is gone?Before the age of 1!

When parents are cleaning and cared for their children’s private parts, if they find that the child’s bilateral scrotum size is different, one side of the scrotum is obviously empty, and the small egg (testicles) inside with their hands can not be touched. At this time, the parents should immediately take the child to the hospital Seek a doctor. What disease is this? Professional words are called urgent tests, which is in popular terms of testicles not in the scrotum. Cisonic test is one of the most common congenital malformations in pediatric urogenital. If it is not handled in time, it will significantly affect fertility.

Medical Guidance: Deputy Chief Physician Dong Jingqing, General Surgery of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital

Consultation as soon as possible, surgery as soon as possible

When I find hidden tests, children have to seek consultation as soon as possible, but some parents do not pay enough attention to this. Director Dong Jingqing, Director of General Surgery Department of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, introduced that the normal testicles are located in the scrotum, which is convenient for heat dissipation, and is conducive to maintaining the normal activity of sperm. If the testicular is located in the groin tube or the abdominal cavity, the temperature is high, the harm to sperm activity is very large, the sperm vitality will decrease, and even causes no sperm. Some parents do not pay much attention to the testicular status of children. They are 7 or 8 years old before they noticed this problem and delayed their illness.

Dong Jingqing once encountered a case. A 30 -year -old man went to the hospital for laposcopic hernia repair surgery due to the oblique hernia of the right groin. He found that his right testicles were located on the root of the thighs, and there was no testicles in the left scrotum. This Only then did he solve the mystery of not breeding after marriage, and his wife had divorced him, and annoyance was useless.

The testicular of the child with hidden tests before the age of 1 has the possibility of decline. The optimal surgery age of cryptor test is 1 year old. If the testicles do not fall, you should surgery as soon as possible, especially the high -level cryptor test.

Reasonable surgery, let the small egg avoid high temperature zones

Dong Jingqing said that she found that ICing tests must be surgery as soon as possible. The purpose of surgery is to reduce the testicles in the scrotum and improve the patient’s fertility in the future. For high-level ucCighting tests in the abdominal cavity, it is recommended to use the second phase of Fowler-Stephen surgery in the lower abdominal lens. This surgery needs to perform two operations, and the two operations are separated by about half a year.

For the hypotension or hidden test of the upper section of the groin tube in the abdominal cavity, the first phase of the laparoscopic surgery can complete the testicular decreased fixing surgery. The laparoscopic surgery is slightly better than the open surgery.

For hidden tests, laparoscopic surgery, and open surgery for the lower section of the groin tube. Dong Jingqing recommends open surgery, because laparoscopic surgery needs to enter the abdominal cavity, and open surgery has been operating outside the peritoneal, which will greatly reduce the chance of intestinal adhesion. (Correspondent: Hu Yingyi, Sun Bingqian)

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