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The baby’s pneumoniacum is always good?Or asthma is stunned

Since Lin Lin suffered from mycoplasma pneumonia three months ago, she seemed to have been unable to break her roots. She always coughed, especially at night and early morning. The sound of thesing “can be seen at the beginning of Azithromycin, but after a few days, it can not see any effect. “Why is this primary pneumonia so stubborn?” Later, after changing to a hospital, the doctor found that the child was usually allergic. During the auditory, there was a typical exhalation of the lungs. After the examination, I found that Lin Lin has always been better. In fact, bronchial asthma is making strange. After formal inhalation treatment, Lin Lin’s condition has finally been controlled.


Bronchial asthma is a very common chronic respiratory disease in childhood. It is a chronic inflammatory disease involved in multiple cells and cell components. This chronic inflammation causes the pneumatic reactivity to increase, and there is a wide range of changes. Reverse airflow is blocked and causes symptoms such as recurrent asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, or cough, which often seizures at night and (or) early morning may intensify.

Among them, respiratory tract infection is a common trigger factor for acute occurrence of asthma, and mycoplasma infection is one of the common pathogens for respiratory tract infections. When mycoplasma infection, it can also damage the respiratory tract epithelial cells while causing lung inflammatory injury, destroying the mucosal barrier, stimulating the airway epithelium to cause inflammatory response, and increasing the airway reaction; second, when the mycoplasma infection, the hypertrophy of sensitivity is hypertrophic Cells and alkaline granulocytes can release inflammatory media such as histamine, which aggravate the high reaction of the airway and cough and (or) breathing. In addition, mycoplasma can also be used as a specific antigen, which causes the body to cause chronic inflammation of the airway through the alias and delayed metamorphosis reactions.

When the acute attack of bronchial asthma is induced, if it is not discovered in time, it will continue to use large rings of fat antibiotics (such as erythromycin or Azithromycin). Because the lipid antibiotics in the ring have a hormone -like effect, they are like a hormone -like effect, but they have a hormone -like effect, but After all, its asthma effect is still milder than hormone drugs. Therefore, parents will find that their children have been unable to heal after using large ring fat antibiotics. At present, the most effective drug for controlling chronic asthma is cortical hormone, and some parents are worried that it will pose a threat to children’s health after treatment with hormones. In fact, the inhalation therapy of corticosteroids is used during the treatment of asthma. The daily daily dosage is only 200 to 400 micrograms. A small number of diseased children may use 800 micrograms, that is, the amount of each time is only equivalent to 1 millet grain. One percent is minimal. Even if it is sucked into a little bit during the inhalation process, it can also be metabolized by the liver within 2 hours, so parents can not have to worry too much.

So, how do you know that your child has always been coughing? In fact, it is troubled by asthma? If your child has these situations, then you should be vigilant: if the child is allergic, such as severe eczema since childhood, there are repeated urticaria, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, etc. If you do n’t see the improvement of cough for more than a week, or the cough and breathing are onset, it is heavy at night and early morning, accompanied by dyspnea, sweating, irritability, and even sitting breathing. The possibility of cough, at this time, you need to feedback to the doctor in time.

Blood asthma can be diagnosed in combining the above -mentioned clinical manifestations, supplemented by lung function tests, chest X -ray examinations, and allergens tests. Once diagnosis is confirmed, it is necessary to adhere to long -term, persistent, standardized and individualized treatment. In terms of treatment, traditionally believes “Internal governance”, that is to say, “asthma is a disease”. Although asthma can be cured, it can not be cured in the short term. Generally, at least 2-3 years must be adhered to. The time required for the treatment of children with long course and severe condition is even longer. However, if children can be treated in a timely and standardized treatment, the prognosis is generally better than adults. About 70-80%of patients can get clinical cure.

Therefore, parents must not ignore these children’s asthma covered by other diseases, and strive to achieve early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment to effectively control the acute attacks of asthma. Near the normal level. (Guide expert: Correspondent of Li Zengqing, chief physician of the Pediatrics Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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