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The baby’s tongue will “talk” to “tongue” to observe the baby’s gastrointestinal condition

Babies cannot tell parents their physical condition through language, and they can only express their discomfort through crying. But in fact, the baby’s small tongue is a “barometer” that reflects its health, especially the gastrointestinal condition. If we learn to observe the baby’s tongue coating, we can roughly understand the baby’s health state, discover abnormalities early, and prevent problems before they occur.

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What does a healthy baby look like?

When the health is good, the tongue should be soft and tendonous.

Four abnormal tongue coating symptoms and response methods that are prone to babies

1. The tongue is red and the tongue coating is less

If the baby has a cold and fever, the tongue will show a shorter tongue, the tongue is red, and the tongue coating will be less or dry. If the heating body temperature is high, the tongue quality will turn red, and the baby’s thirst will increase, and even actively ask for water. If it is accompanied by a dry stool, there will be dirty smell in your mouth. This situation usually occurs early in the early stages of upper respiratory infection or infectious diseases, and parents should pay attention to it.

If the baby has the above situation, it is necessary to treat the primary disease that causes fever for the child in time, and timely physical cooling or oral antipyretic drugs should be performed in a timely manner. At the same time, pay attention to drink more water, eat less greasy, cold foods, especially fruits with greater sweetness. You can also use fresh reed roots or dried reed roots to drink for your child.

2. Thick tongue coating

If the child has yellow and white dirt on the tongue, the tongue coating is sticky, and the sour smell in the mouth is likely to have accumulated food. This situation is mostly caused by poor diet or eating greasy food. The spleen and stomach digestive function is poor.

When the child has this tongue coating, you should eat a light diet. Parents should also pay attention to the moderate weight of each meal to reduce gastrointestinal pressure. You can also choose drugs with anti -dietary effect as appropriate to eliminate stagnation to ensure smooth stool.

3. Smooth tongue without moss

Some children who often have fever, repeated colds, poor appetite, or chronic diarrhea will have red tongue red like fresh meat, all tongue coating fall off, and often accompanied by symptoms of loss of appetite, dry mouth, or bloating like drums. Essence

Children who occur in this situation should not be considered as weak, and given big supplements or eating more fatty foods. They should eat more soy milk or fresh and easy -to -digest vegetables, such as mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, white radish, etc. You can drink watermelon, apple, pear, coriander and other juice, or use yam, lotus seeds, lily porridge for children in the morning and evening, and also receive good results.

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