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The best age of fertility: Men have 10 years, and women have only 5 years!Don’t hurry up

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“Hello, I am 36 years old, I am healthy, I want to have a second child and worry about danger. My husband is almost 40. I want to ask if I can give birth?”

With the opening of the second child policy, many husbands and wives have begun to want the second child, but considering the age of age, we do n’t know how to do it. Today we will give a detailed introduction to the best fertility age between men and women.

Women’s best fertility age group

Shen Huan, director of the Reproductive Medicine Center of Peking University People’s Hospital, said: The best age group of women is between 25-30, because the number of eggs in the ovaries when women are born. By the period of sexual maturity, a wave of eggs grows every month, and only one egg can mature ovulation and use it for pregnancy. With the growth of women, the eggs are affected by the external environment, and the aging itself, its quality will become worse and worse.

In addition to the aging of the eggs, the elderly maternal also faces many risks: its embryo is prone to changes in chromosomes, increasing the chances of children suffering from 21 trinidum syndrome, 22 trisomy syndrome and other diseases. At the same time, the risk of hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy will increase.

Men’s best fertility age group

Not only do women have the best fertility section, but also men. The latest research published by the European Mind Magazine recently states that the best childbirth age of men should be between 25-35 and no more than 35 years old. Because more than 35 years of age, it will increase the chance of infant suffering from congenital heart disease; at the same time, it may also increase the risk of pregnant women with gestational diabetes and premature birth.

In addition, after 35, men and sperm quality will be significantly reduced. Therefore, men should pay attention to protecting their sperm and avoid some habits that reduce men’s sperm quality.

What habits will reduce the quality of male sperm?

1. Smoking and drinking: Some studies have shown that nicotine in cigarettes has the effect of lowering sex hormone secretion and killing sperm. If 30 cigarettes are smoked a day, sperm survival rate is only 49%; and long -term alcoholic sperm cell Affects sperm.

2. Steaming sauna and soaking hot springs: The development of sperm has strict temperature requirements. Generally, it is 35.6-36 ° C, which is 1-1.5 ° C than normal body temperature, and the testicles can produce sperm well. If the crotch is in a high temperature for a long time, It is easy to “hot” sperm, affecting sperm quality, which causes infertility.

3. Sitting for a long time: sedentary can increase the chance of the incidence of prostatitis and dexterous veins, and these diseases have great marketing for men’s sperm treatment, and severe cases can lead to infertility.

4. Estrogen: Estrogen can have a significant effect on male reproduction, trigger testicular changes, reduce the number of sperm, and cause male endocrine disorders and breast development. Some male skin care uses cosmetics specially developed for women, which may contain estrogen, and long -term use will cause low sex gonad function to men.

TIPS: How to prepare for pregnancy?

In the first step of scientific pregnancy, the whole body check of both husband and wife is indispensable, which helps the prospective father and mother to understand whether they are suitable for babies. Doctors can also give reasonable suggestions and guidance based on the results of the inspection to help prospective dads and mothers completely eliminate the misunderstanding of pregnancy.

Pay attention to improving bad living habits during pregnancy. Women should pay attention to abstain from the bad habits of smoke and alcohol, try to avoid medicinal tea and coffee to ensure sufficient sleep and schedule; and men should pay attention to avoid sedentary, long stations, radiation, avoid Go to high temperature environment because these can affect sperm quality.

In addition, more attention should be paid to diet, and the diet should be balanced. The diet of both men and women should be low -calorie, low sugar, and low -fat diet. Pay attention to maintaining weight in the normal range. Properly increase foods rich in protein, eat more vegetables, vegetables and vegetables,

Especially women can also supplement folic acid appropriately, which can reduce the incidence of fetal nerve tube deformity.

Finally, it is to adjust the mentality, prepare for pregnancy happily, and welcome the baby’s arrival.

Regardless of men and women, they have the best age of childbearing, so if the conditions permit, it is best to have a proposed time range. At the same time, before preparing children, the pregnancy must be done well, which has a great impact on the next generation.

Say, do you want a child?

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