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The best explanation: safety period and conception!

You need to know when you ovulate, there are usually 3 ways:

1. Look at leucorrhea roses (drawing -brushed -cervix secretes a large amount of egg white -like transparent and transparently pulling the secretions that can pull growth silk, because the estrogen reaches the peak)

In retrospect, did MMs find that they have discovered the phenomenon of white bands? Transparent, the longer the drawing, the better the ovulation function. The usual ovulation will occur within two or three days after drawing. If you find that you have a brushed, it means that the danger period has been seen. If you want to hey, you must take measures !!!

2. Use ovulation test strip

This method is much more accurate than seeing the drawing. With the brushed phenomenon, it is ovulation immediately, it is still one day, or the next 2 days. Essence Essence This is different for everyone, so there is no accurate answer, but it is more convenient, fast, and accurate to use test strips. If there are sisters interested, I can say more.

3. Test temperature

Of course, this method is not accurate, but I want to emphasize that the body temperature should be a good habit of developing

Normal women should have two -way body temperature every month, that is, low temperature during follicle period, high temperature in the luteal stage.

The body temperature should be tested every morning, you can’t get up after you get up, you can test it as soon as you wake up, try not to move your body as soon as possible. Don’t speak if you wake up. Every day, you can observe dynamically.

When the temperature of the body fell at once, and the next day, it went up 0.3 to 0.5 degrees, which means that ovulation is about to ovulation or ovulation. In short, it is a high risk period.

Look at a few classic body temperature maps!

The first one: The body temperature map of a normal woman with a cycle of 28 days

2: An example of possible pregnancy

3. An example of ovulation without ovulation

Next, I want to talk about the issues that TF cares about, in case of “accident”, when can you know “results”, I briefly introduce 2 types

1. Testing ovulation test strips with ovulation test strips can not only be used during ovulation. Normal women, if you are pregnant this month, the ovulation test strip this month will definitely be 2 times, even strong yang! The first time is ovulation At the time, in the middle of a menstrual cycle, the other time is 7 to 10 days after hey. We know that it takes 2 days to go to the uterus to the uterus, and it takes 5 to 7 days in bed. At least 7-10 days, we can measure the existence of small lives with ovulation test strips. Of course Observed, as long as you can definitely deepen the color of the ovulation test paper every day, you are initially considered to be pregnant! If you confirm it, you still have to wait for several days, and then use the early pregnancy test paper to test it after 4 weeks of pregnancy. After the body temperature is spermatogenically, the B -ultrasound can clearly detect that this little life has been in the unknown stage before the normal development of this small life is in the unknown stage. exist. We can also do body temperature! Due to the effect of progesterone, the body temperature can be maintained at a high temperature of 16 weeks. Therefore, insisting that the body temperature cannot be generalized, because every woman is different, the same woman may be different every month

Still look at the picture: Sometimes the follicle development is rapid, and it is quickly discharged, that is, ovulation ovulation will be ovulated within a few days after menstruation; sometimes the follicle development is very slow, and the follicle period is dragged very long. The reason why women’s cycles are short and some women’s cycles are long!

Because the luteal period is relatively stable, the change is not great, usually about 14 days.

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What is changing is the follicle period, so you must not think that the first 7 and the post -8 are safe. Remember

其实精子产生的条件很苛刻首先,是营养! 精原细胞分裂演变成精子,尤其是一化四的过程,需要大量的营养物质,特别是蛋白质!因此,男人的营养一定要足够!! 其次, It is low temperature. The growth of sperm must have low temperatures. The temperature in the scrotum is required to be at least 1-1.5 ° C than the body temperature lower than the body, and the temperature in the testicles is 0.5-1 ° C. Otherwise, sperm growth will be abolished halfway. Therefore, 1. Men should go to sauna less !! 2. It is important to prevent men from high fever. The month !!! The sperm generated from the sperm is very tender and naive. Therefore, it has to stay in the epididymis for some days, allowing the epididymis to help sperm for further processing, and gradually mature. The process of sperm in the sperm tube takes about 74 days, and then the epididymis will continue to mature about 16 days. This will take about 90 days before and after!

(Intern editor: Zhang Jiamin)

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