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The best time for review of uterine muscle fibrosis after surgery

After surgery of uterine muscle, a month is generally the best time.

One month after uterine fibroid surgery, it usually needs to be reviewed. After that, a review should be conducted every six months to one year.The surgical method of uterine fibroids generally includes two types, one is to remove uterine fibroids and the other is to remove uterus.For the spread of uterine fibroids, the advantage of surgery is to retain the uterus and normal physiological structure.However, fibroids are usually multiple, and small fibroids may not be dug out during surgery.However, after the large fibroids are excavated, small fibroids may stretch faster, that is, the possibility of recurrence of uterine fibroids.Full uterine resection can avoid fibroids, but no uterus can affect the bottom function of the basin.

Patients with uterine fibroids need to rest regularly, not too tired, otherwise it will affect the recovery of wounds and uterus.Pay attention to diet and try to eat light food.

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