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The carcinogenesis of antihypertensive drug has been confirmed. Is it really a scam for western medicine reduction?Don’t be cheated anymore

The antihypertensive drug burst again!

According to the United States “Mountains in Congress”, on December 27, the United States Lubin is recalling 4 batches of Paineri tablets. This is a common antihypertensive drug for patients with hypertension. The reason for recall is to detect carcinogenic cancerImpoosaine nitrosamine.

In fact, the antihypertensive drugs are revealed that the carcinogenic impurities have occurred almost every year in recent years:

In 2022, Pfizer recalled an antihypertensive drug called ocupril (ninaline hydrochloride and hydrochloride tablets), which involved a dozen batches of drugs because of nitrosamines;

In 2021, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, was recalled because of the excessive standard of nitrosamine USP, hobesartan and hydrochloride tablets;

… …

The carcinogenesis of antihypertensive drug has been confirmed. Is it really a scam for western medicine reduction?Don't be cheated anymore

First, a good antihypertensive drug, why is there carcinogens?

Nitamines will be produced in the process of synthetic rubber, insecticides, and pollutants. The reason why the antihypertensive drug contains nitrosamine impurities is not added by the pharmaceutical factory, but it is inevitable in the specific synthetic process of the drug., Related to drug synthesis process.

The question comes, how poison is nitrosamine?

Nitrosamine itself is toxic. In 2013, Huang Yang, a graduate student at Shanghai Fudan University School of Medicine, poisoned nitrosamine in the water dispenser and eventually caused death.

A variety of nitrosamine compounds are listed as first and second carcinogens by WHO. In the experimental experiments of multiple cells and animal levels, nitrosamine has a strong carcinogenic effect and obvious hepatic toxicity.Not only long -term small doses can cause cancer, a large dose impact may also induce cancer.

Because the occurrence of nitamine impurities in medicines is caused by craftsmanship, the current attitude of the China State Drug Administration on the nitrosamine in drugs is “avoiding the main, controlling, supplemented by control, and preventing or minimizing patients nitrosamine impurities.”Exposure”, taking a 50kg of human as an example, daily intake of nitrosamine impurities 96ng, the risk of tumor occurs at one hundred thousand, and requires that the intake must not exceed this standard.

Since the antihypertensive drug contains clear carcinogens, does this indicate that patients with hypertension are not safe to use these drugs?Do I need to stop the medicine?

The carcinogenesis of antihypertensive drug has been confirmed. Is it really a scam for western medicine reduction?Don't be cheated anymore

2. Should our domestic hypertensive patients stop the medicine?

In response to the carcinogenic impurities incident in this antihypertensive drug, the US FDA claimed that there was no relevant case report for the time being. It is recommended that patients who are taking related antihypertensive drugs should not stop blindly before listening to the doctor’s proposal.

Earlier, in response to the problem of carcinogenic impurities in the antihypertensive drug, Jin Rui, deputy director of the pharmacist department of Beijing Century Hospital Affiliated to the Capital Medical University, suggested that the pharmaceutical production enterprises and the pharmaceutical regulatory bureau will take the initiative to recall the problem of the drugEssenceThere is no need to worry about the medicines that are not in the recall.If the drug taken is within the list of the recall, you can replace similar antihypertensive drugs produced by other manufacturers. Note that replacement of drugs must be directed by a professional doctor.

Xiao Ai reminds everyone that the production specifications will not cause cancer, don’t panic.

Researchers at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom have conducted special research on this. Researchers conducted an analysis of 260,000 people in 31 experiments and studied five commonly used antihypertensive drugs in the CCP.After an average 4 -year follow -up, the CCP had 15,000 new cancer patients.

By evaluating the risk of incidence of breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, etc., and analyzing from a variety of different dimensions such as the patient’s age, gender height, weight, and smokingDrugs can affect the incidence of cancer.Patients who take antihypertensive drugs for a long time will not affect the incidence of cancer.

For patients with hypertension, non -special circumstances are not recommended to stop drugs, otherwise there may be some serious consequences.

The carcinogenesis of antihypertensive drug has been confirmed. Is it really a scam for western medicine reduction?Don't be cheated anymore

Third, what are the cases of patients with hypertension?

Hypertension can be divided into two types: primary and secondary. Most of the patients with hypertension are primary hypertension. Many patients need long -term and even lifelong drugs.Because hypertension is a chronic disease, it is currently unclear for its cause and lack of fundamental treatment for the cause. Therefore, patients need to use medication for a long time to control blood pressure, so as to avoid damage to the target organs and even danger of life.

However, in these cases, patients with hypertension can stop the drug under the guidance of a doctor.

1. Mild hypertension, restore normal blood pressure through life adjustment

Some patients with mild hypertension have reduced blood pressure after normal weight control, quitting of alcohol, and enhanced exercise, so they do not need to take medicine.

2. Severe adverse reactions

There are certain side effects of antihypertensive drugs. For example, Pripili drugs can easily cause dry cough and horizon drugs to easily cause patient ankle edema/gum hyperplasia.Some patients have serious adverse reactions after medication, they need to discontinue drugs that generate adverse reactions.

3. Special moment

Under special circumstances such as women’s pregnancy status and on the day of surgery, drugs need to be temporarily suspended to avoid unnecessary threats to health.

4. Removal of secondary hypertension after removing the cause

Some patients with hypertension clinically are caused by secondary reasons, such as patients with chronic nephritis, nephreal stenosis and other renal diseases, hyperthyroidism, chromicocytoma and other endocrine diseases, and long -term use of exogenous hormones, breathing and sleep suspension, etc. These are these. TheseAfter the patient removes the cause, if the blood pressure control is satisfactory, the antihypertensive drug can be discontinued, but pay attention to the strict monitoring of blood pressure.For some patients with hypertension who need to take medicine for a long time, pay attention to these things when taking medicine.

Fourth, take antihypertensive drugs every day, what should you pay attention to?

The carcinogenesis of antihypertensive drug has been confirmed. Is it really a scam for western medicine reduction?Don't be cheated anymore

1. Grasp the time of taking medicine

Under normal circumstances, about 7 o’clock after waking up every day will increase, gradually reach the peak after 8-10, and gradually fall.It will rise again at 4 to 5 pm, and gradually fall from 10 to 12 at night.Patients with hypertension should pay attention to grasping the peak of blood pressure and avoid high blood pressure and affect health.

2. Don’t chew and eat

It is not recommended to chew the medicine and eat it. Some mitigated tablets chewing can cause the drug to release too fast, which will bring greater irritation to the body.

3. Improvement of lifestyle

While medication, patients with hypertension also need to improve their lifestyle, such as low -salt diet, insisting on exercise, quitting smoking and restrictions, and controlling weight.

Patients with hypertension must not blindly stop the medicine after watching the news. They need to consult a professional doctor when stopping and replacing drugs. Blind drug suspension can easily lead to excessive blood pressure fluctuations and threaten health.

The carcinogenesis of antihypertensive drug has been confirmed. Is it really a scam for western medicine reduction?Don't be cheated anymore


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