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The champion of the chest model contest exposes the beautiful life of the beautiful life!

Wang Mingming’s beautiful life photo (picture source: network)

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According to media reports, Wang Mingming, who has won the second Anhui International Breast Model Contest, is also the Showgirls used by ChinaJoy Royal. Its G CUP beautiful breasts not only have eye -catching, but also murder how many Filin.

Recently, Wang Mingming’s life photos have been widely circulated on the Internet. Beautiful breasts+long legs are charm from head to toe. When many netizens lament their beauty, they can’t help but want to know if they can also have such a proud upper around? Who to let breast enhancement is the issue that women care about most.

Many women even fill the prosthesis through breast enhancement surgery, or blindly buy and career breast enhancement products to make themselves “realize their dreams.” However, breast enhancement surgery is risky, the quality of the prosthesis is not guaranteed, and the breast enhancement cream may disturb the endocrine. Beware of “breasts” can not hurt health.

In fact, the development of the breast is fully developed, and the emotions, qi and blood running, and closely related to people, spleen and stomach damage, malnutrition, or long -term anxiety, insomnia, and lack of sleep may affect the development of the breast.

Therefore, we should pay attention to sleep in daily life, express emotions, and raise the spleen and stomach and qi and blood. At the same time, if you want to be full of chest, the most important thing is how to eat, adding these nutrients below, so that the breasts are no longer a dream.

Protein protein is the main raw material for maintaining the growth and development of the human body. When the protein is insufficient, it will lead to dysplasia, and of course, it cannot have plump breasts. The content of dairy products, soybeans and soybean products, meat, eggs, and seafood is rich. It is recommended to add more girls in adolescence.

2/3 of the fat breasts are composed of fat, and fat is also an important contributor to the body’s metabolism. In addition to meat, nuts, peanuts, sesame, almonds and walnuts of nuts are also available. This can be replaced. But take the right amount of fat, so as not to eat too much calories, but it will be worth it!

Zinc and zinc can stimulate hormonal secretion, help chest development, smooth skin and not loosening, is a good breast enhancement food. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and sesame are rich in content. If you want full chest, you may wish to eat more!

Vitamin A vitamin A can stimulate breast development and make the chest strong, especially papaya contains papaya enzymes, which can make the chest plump.

Vitamin B vitamin B group helps the synthesis of hormones, grains, beans, milk, etc. are all foods rich in vitamin B clan.

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