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The cheap and easy -to -use antipyretic medicine “An Nai is close”, the United States has been disabled for 40 years, and it is now banned in China!

“The child’s throat is very red, with a fever of 39.6 degrees. I will open some An Nai and get a fever.” If you still hear a doctor recommended to the child with Ao Near, you have all the confidence to move out of the State Drug Administration he. The medicine was “sentenced to death” yesterday: banned for young children under 18!

On March 17, the State Drug Administration issued two important announcements: “Announcement on the cancellation of varieties such as Ao Neojin injection solution” (No. 29, 2020) and the “Amendment to the Anthology of Aojin Related Variety instructions Announcement “(No. 34, 2020).

The Pharmaceutical Bureau requires that the Annai near injections, Ao Nai nearly chloroprazine injections, pediatric Aojin enema liquid, Aojin drops, Aojin nasal drops, dripping nasal solution The production, sales and use of films and children in my country in China, and revised the instructions for Aojin related varieties.

After eating An Nai, I grew up and grew up 80s

“An Nai is close, remember to be a big white pill, flat, eat this when I was a child …”

“When I was a child, as long as I had a cold, no matter whether it was hot, the medicine prescribed by my mother must be near.”

It is said that the post -80s are a generation who grew up, and it is not exaggerated at all. At that time, there were not many medicines to choose from. Ansi was cheap and easy to use. In the Chinese pharmaceutical market, the dosage forms sold are mainly oral preparations, injections, and nasal drops.

As a pyrazolone -like heat -relieving analgesic, a An Nai is approaching, and it can take effect quickly. With widespread application, multinational drug monitoring has found that it has sufficient side effects.

An Nai has fallen from the altar: The United States announced the disability of An Nai 40 years ago. Subsequently, nearly 30 countries including Japan, Denmark, Australia, Norway, the Philippines, and Iran have explicitly disabled or restricted An Nai.

However, the medicine has not been clearly prohibited in China, and it is still an antipyretic medicine commonly used by many families. Li Xin’s mother -in -law simply treat An Nai as a god of medicine, eats a fever and eats, and eats a headache. She can’t sleep and eats. The old man said, “This is how the village doctor is so open, and after eating a lifetime!”

How terrible is An Nai’s side effects?

Side effects 1. Severe blood system adverse reactions, including granulocyte deficiency, thrombocytopenic purpura, regenerative disorder anemia, etc. my country ’s monitoring data show that the incidence of Ennam’ s shortage of granulocyte deficiency is about 1.1%, and the lack of granulocytes makes patients with low immunity becoming a susceptible group of infectious diseases.

Side effects 2. Severe allergic reactions, including urticaria, exfoliating dermatitis, severe drug rash, and allergic shock. An Nai’s nearly injection, drops, enema solution, and heat -relief bolt can cause severe allergic reactions. Liu Qiang taught the power of An Nai nearly ten years ago. He ate in the morning. He was allergic to the whole body in the afternoon.

Side effects 3. Disposity to liver and kidney poisoning, drug -based liver and kidney damage, acute liver and kidney failure.

As early as 2008, the adverse reaction data caused by the adverse reaction center of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical

In this announcement, although the State Drug Administration did not withdraw the market directly, it requested the instructions to increase the next alarm:

What antipyretic medicine is safer

Compared to Ao Nai, the heating drugs recognized by WHOs such as acetaminol, ibuprofen, etc. are safe and effective. In addition to the heating effect, both medicines also have the effect of relieving pain.

Well -known pharmacist Ji Lianmei said that acetyl amino group is the first choice of antipyretic medicine, adults take tablets, and children have oral liquid or drops.

Regarding the antipyretic medicine, the pharmacist doctors emphasize the choice of single ingredients, because there are many compound cold medicines, such as white and black, compound aminopoly, also contain acetaminol. If they are eaten with acetaminol Bring the risk of medication.

Above 38.5 degrees, or patients with a fever, you can use antipyretics; if the spirit is good, the diet is normal, it is not necessary to use the medicine, you can use physical methods to reduce fever.

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