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The child is alert to congenital giant colon 24-48 hours after birth

The bowel movement will begin one or two days after the birth of the newborn, but because the intestines and gastrointestinal tract have not been fully developed because they have just separated from their mothers, they are prone to constipation. If two to three days after birth, there is no bowel movement, or if the stomach is drumped, and the bowel movement is difficult, then the parents will pay attention to it, it may be congenital giant colon.

■ Incident: The boy has a congenital giant colon for 6 years and cannot defecate normally

Recently, Qiqi (pseudonym) accompanied by her mother to the gastrointestinal neonatal department of the Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University for a 10 -day biological feedback training, and finally she was able to defecate successfully. It turned out that Qiqi had been constipated after birth. Until the age of 3 was diagnosed with congenital giant colon and performed cure surgery. However, due to improper laxative training after surgery, there will be incontinence every day, and you have to change five or six pants a day.

According to Associate Professor Li Xiaoqing, Director of Gastrointestinal Newborn Surgery of Chongqing Medical University, associate professor Li Xiaoqing, the normal newborn was excreted within 24 hours after birth, and children with congenital giant intestines were manifested as no fetal stools after birth, or fetal stools. Delayed emptying, some symptoms of intestinal obstruction occurred within two or three days after birth.

■ Children need to be alert to congenital giant colon

Congenital giant colon is a congenital bowel deformity, a baby with congenital giant colon. Because of a certain period of colon or a rectum lack of ganglia cells, it has been in a state of contraction and spasm. , Lead to constipation and abdominal distension.

If the child is born 24-48 hours, there will be a dark green tire to discharge. If there is no ranking at all or rarely, and never fart, then you must be vigilant.

The common symptoms of congenital giant colon are mainly manifested as: because the child can’t make a poop, the intestines become thicker and bigger, and the stomach will swell; the child can not be pulled out for a long time. Normal children of the same age.

The most common and serious complications of congenital giant colon are small intestinal colonitis accompanied by giant colon. Once small intestinal colonitis occurs, the child’s systemic situation worsens, and severe abdominal distension, vomiting, and diarrhea occur. Due to the amount of intestinal fluid in the intestinal tube expanding the intestinal tube, dehydration, acid poisoning, high fever, and blood pressure decrease. mortality rate.

■ Congenital giant colon is easily confused with these newborn diseases

It is worth noting that congenital giant colon and these newborn diseases are easily confused, such as: fetal dung constipation, neonatal peritonitis, habitual constipation, congenital intestinal lock, neonatal intestinal colonitis, etc.

Fetal dung constipation: The fetal manure is very hard, so it can’t be pulled out at the beginning, but the bowel washed out of the tire dung, and the subsequent pulled well, then it was not a giant colon.

Newborn peritonitis: neonatal peritonitis is an intestinal rise caused by peritonitis, which can be relieved by anti -inflammatory treatment.

Habitual constipation: Some children can’t pull out are actually habitual constipation, that is, normal pressure measurement, and no typical changes.

Congenital intestinal atresia: Congenital intestinal lock is a bonus or colon congenital lock, and the stool cannot be pulled out.

Newborn necrotic small intestinal colonitis: mainly occurs in premature babies or newborns, with abdominal distension and blood in the stool as the main symptoms. Newborn necrotic small intestine colonitis is a very serious disease of neonatal digestive system. ( sorted)

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